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IT Asset Tracking Software & System

Cut the time it takes to track your IT assets in half with Timly’s software. Manage all your assets in one place, improve asset tracking and monitoring processes, and make asset retrieval and locating easier and faster.

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Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Bewertungen auf Capterra für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Bewertungen auf Capterra für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software
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Never Lose Track of Your IT Equipment by Using Our User-Friendly Tracking Tool

Effortless asset management with Timly’s cloud-based IT asset-tracking software. Perfect for businesses of all sizes to gain control of their IT assets. Save time and effort while managing your IT assets with the help of modern technology and powerful features.

Your most recent location of peripherals, item status, and maintenance schedule are all easily accessible through Timly’s user-friendly interface. Reserve items, plan when they can be checked in and out, and allocate them to personnel. Importantly, data security is Timly’s top priority, so you can trust that your asset data is always protected.

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Track Your IT Assets With Ease

Timly’s Effective IT Asset Tracking Software

You can create solutions that are unique to your company by utilizing Timly's powerful IT asset-tracking software. The staff can manage and track IT assets in different sectors with the use of configurable fields, ensuring efficient asset tracking.

Timly's centralized platform offers everything you need, from managing IT peripherals to streamlining license renewals and maintenance updates. This centralized approach also aids in providing smooth IT asset management best practices.

Access on the Go Has Never Been Easier

Timly's IT asset tracking software allows businesses to access their data from any location and on any device. Empowered by the integrated barcode scanner, staff members can access and update information about IT assets regardless of their location. This mobility boosts productivity and adaptability, allowing your organization to achieve the necessary level of efficiency.

In addition, Timly fosters a collaborative workplace where employees can manage assets, execute check-ins and outs, access real-time data, and aid in the making of thoughtful and prompt decisions. Timly's mobile functionality empowers your organization to work smarter, not harder, by facilitating faster check-ins, improved asset management, and data-driven decision-making.

Efficiently Manage Your IT Assets

With Timly, you can easily schedule and track your IT assets, and you can also ensure robust maintenance management. Minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment lifespan, Timly keeps your assets in optimal condition .

Timly is indispensable for businesses that can't function without essential tools and equipment. By taking a proactive approach to managing maintenance, companies can cut operational expenses, boost asset performance, and increase efficiency.

Ensuring IT Asset Security With Timly

Timly ensures IT asset security with robust protection methods and data encryption, giving your business peace of mind. Protecting your data is our top priority. With Timly, you can confidently manage your asset and employee data in your cloud asset management system, knowing your information is secure at all times.

Inventory Asset Management Software Timly Reporting

Inventory Asset Management Software Timly Overview

Inventory Asset Management Software Timly Dashboard

Inventory Asset Management Software Timly Data

Over 500 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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The Timly asset tracking software in use at SodaStream

Timly Inventarverwaltung Software Kunden - Sodastream

How Do Timly’s Customers Streamline Their Operations With IT Asset Tracking Software?

Using our IT asset tracking software, you can easily monitor and record the status of each asset, streamlining your operations efficiently.

IT Assets & Furniture
Tool Tracking
Maintenance Management
Stock Management
GPS Tracking
IT Asset Tracking Software 47
IT Asset Tracking Software 48
IT Asset Tracking Software 49
IT Asset Tracking Software 50
IT Asset Tracking Software 51

Optimized Device Management With Innovative Self-Inventory

SodaStream is the world market leader for water sparkling systems for domestic use and has a lot of IT equipment at its various locations. Many colleagues now work from their home offices. A digital solution for the efficient management of IT end devices became necessary...

IT Asset Tracking Software 52

Manage Video Equipment Efficiently Without Much Effort

The Hamburg media company always does outstanding journalistic work and is characterized by independent reporting. In order to maintain journalistic quality, the teams work with highly specialized devices – these need to be managed efficiently...

IT Asset Tracking Software 53

Smart City Asset Management – Timly in Use at DIGOOH

The core business of DIGOOH Media GmbH in Cologne is to manage digital city light posters (DCLP) for outdoor use in various cities in Germany. The challenge here lies in making the client’s communication message always available at the right time, in the right place...

IT Asset Tracking Software 54

Timly - a flexible asset tracking solution for FlexOffice

23,703 m2 where everything aligns for optimal work. The task was to find a software solution that could support FlexOffice in the logistical management of equipment and furniture, and that could evolve and adapt to the pace of the Swiss startup’s growth...

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Easily Track Your IT Assets

Regardless of where you are or which device you’re using, you can track your IT assets with Timly. Our centralized and secure cloud platform allows you to monitor your assets in real-time from anywhere, ensuring you always have up-to-date information.

Asset Management Software Page Overview Image

Know the Status of Your IT Asset

Monitor and control your peripherals, licenses, and other technology assets. Tracking equipment utilization, planning maintenance, and striving for optimal asset allocations are all made possible using TImly’s IT asset tracking software. This aids businesses in maximizing output while reducing outages.

Asset Management Software Dashboard Image

Manage Your Hardware

Timly’s IT asset tracking software helps to provide seamless tracking of hardware. This can range from computers, servers, and network equipment, to other peripherals. By using its extensive features, you can identify the previous location, conditions, and maintenance information about each hardware. This helps to promote optimal performance and thus ensures resources are allocated throughout its lifecycle.

Asset Management Software Efficient Work Image

Manage Your Documents Securely

By using Timly you can facilitate efficient document management by getting staff to attach files such as purchase receipts, warranties, and repair records for each of the IT assets. This will provide a means to access the necessary information, help to streamline audits, and warranty claims, and thus, provide means to make decisions that are tied to asset maintenance and lifecycle management.

Asset Management Software Maintenance Overview Image

Better Compliance With Timly

By utilising cutting-edge data-driven solutions, Timly’s IT asset tracking software helps guarantee regulatory compliance. Better decisions and reduced risks associated with non-compliance are possible with the help of our compliance software. As a result, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance will both be improved.

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Timly Asset Management Software GDPR
Timly Asset Management Software Secure Hosting
Timly Asset Management Software SSL Encrypted

Use Timly for Effortless IT Asset Management

Effortlessly manage and keep tabs on all of your IT assets with Timly’s powerful asset-tracking software.

Barcode Scanner in der Inventarisierungssoftware

Track With Barcode Scanner

Use Timly’s barcode scanner to quickly and easily store your physical items electronically. Using this technique, managing inventory becomes easier than ever before.

Timly Asset planning

Easy Assigning of IT Assets

Use Timly’s simple check-in and check-out features to quickly and easily assign assets to staff. You can also discover where assets have been and where they are currently located.

Illustration zeigt Inventar zuweisen in Inventarisierungssoftware

Control IT Asset With Timly’s Granular Permissions

Using Timly’s features, you can grant staff members individualised access to control over certain IT assets.

Barcode Scanner in der Inventarisierungssoftware

Maintaining IT Assets

By offering real-time monitoring of IT equipment’s status, Timly can assist you in proactively maintaining your assets. With this, you can optimise the time you spend on maintenance and safeguard your IT assets in the long-run.

Illustration zeigt Inventar zuweisen in Inventarisierungssoftware

IT Asset Performance

Keep an eye on how your IT assets are being used and how well they are performing. Better decisions may be made by the organization using the knowledge you get about IT asset optimisation.

Timly Asset planning

Achieve Lasting Performance

You can stay in compliance with regulations by using Timly’s software to track IT assets. This improves operational efficiency by reducing the risk associated with noncompliance.


Smart, intuitive software

Other solutions

E.g. Excel, manual lists, etc.


Access to Data

Change History

Data Protection

Asset Images

Scanning Capabilities

Deadline Management



Smart, intuitive software


Instantly available (all devices)

Complete history of changes

Fully GDPR compliant

Easily attached to items and displayed

Integrated barcode scanner saves 90% time

Automated deadline management for assets


Other solutions

Eg. Excel, manual lists, etc.


Not available across devices

No change history available

Data storage not GDPR compliant

Displaying asset images problematic

No integrated scanner

Not available

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Reduce Waste and Save Money With Timly

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for Timly’s inventory software to see how much you can save using Timly inventory software.

IT & FurnitureIT Asset Tracking Software 77
Equipment & ToolsIT Asset Tracking Software 78
Construction & MachineryIT Asset Tracking Software 79
Medical & Lab EquipmentIT Asset Tracking Software 80
Vehicles & AccessoriesIT Asset Tracking Software 81

*This is an estimate based on your input and our customers’ experience. Exact results for your individual application are not guaranteed.

IT Asset Tracking Software That Is Effective

Automate and Monitor Your IT Assets

Effortlessly allocate and monitor IT assets assigned to people, projects, or departments. This streamlined process ensures optimal asset utilization, avoiding both under and overallocation.

Prevent IT Asset Loss With Timly’s Secure Platform

Timly’s centralized platform employs stringent security measures, ensuring your assets are protected. From user access controls to GPS tracking, our system reduces the likelihood of theft or damage to property. Keep peace of mind knowing your IT assets are secure with Timly.

Schedule and Track Maintenance

Organizations can plan for preventative maintenance with the help of Timly’s asset tracking software. In addition, you can monitor device maintenance history and get alerts when devices are due for servicing. The reliability of the assets is enhanced and the lifespan of equipment is extended in this way.

Tracking and Reporting on IT Compliance

To assist in the generation of compliance reports, utilize Timly’s platform for tracking IT assets. You can also help keep audit trails up to date and keep tabs on regulatory needs. This aids businesses in following rules and regulations set down by their respective industries.

Make Better Use of Resources and Cut Down on Waste

With Timly, you will gain invaluable insights related to asset utilization. By analyzing the data, your team can easily identify inefficiencies and reduce unnecessary resource deployment. Overall, Timly’s IT asset tracking software contributes to greater efficiency and lower expenditures.

Better Decision-Making with Asset Data

Leverage insights from your asset data to improve decision-making, refine strategic planning, and optimize operational performance.

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What Our Clients Say

Asset Management Software Timly customer Westenergie
1 - Stefan Träger EN 1

Great praise to you and the Timly team. We all really enjoy working with Timly and we will certainly introduce your tool within other areas of our company.

Stefan Träger
Asset Management Software Timly customer SodaStream
2 - Murat Tulgar EN 2

Our IT asset management now works completely unproblematic with Timly. Previously, we had relied on the usual way, but it was easy to lose track of everything. The digitalisation of the processes with the Timly software brings real added value and minimises the administrative effort.

Murat Tulgar
IT Manager
Asset Management Software Timly customer Lang
3 – Sebastian Lang EN 3

Timly is an established system in our company. Thanks to Timly, we always have a comprehensive image of our assets. This is exactly how we envisioned it.

Sebastian Lang
Lang Bauunternehmen

Learn More About Our Asset Management Software

Timly: Exceptional IT Asset Tracking Software

To make sure everything runs smoothly, use Timly’s IT asset tracking software to double-check asset details and collect statistics.

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Asset Management Software Solution Timly Desktop View

Keep Stakeholders Informed

Staying informed and providing stakeholders with current data about the IT assets is made easy using Timly. Thus, you can rest assured of the delivery of accurate and reliable information to stakeholders.

Scale Seamlessly with Timly’s IT Asset Tracking Software

Timly is designed to be flexible and customizable, adapting to your business’s evolving needs. As part of our commitment to scale with you, our dedicated support team is always available to assist and respond quickly to any pressing questions, ensuring Timly meets your needs as your business grows.

Asset Management Software Solution Timly Mobile Devices

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Inception and Founding

Timly Software AG was founded in 2020 by Philipp Baumann and Fitim Mehmeti in collaboration with LANG GmbH, a construction company with a legacy dating back to 1891. The company's origins stem from the shared vision of efficiently managing equipment, tools, and employee safety training.

Evolution of Timly

Initially designed to streamline the management of machinery, tools, and safety training, Timly has evolved into a comprehensive cloud-based solution. It enables users to centrally track and manage diverse assets, from fleet and IT assets to furniture, with data accessibility and updates facilitated through QR code labels.

International Expansion

As Timly Software AG gained traction in its initial markets of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, the company embarked on a journey of international expansion. The increasing demand for its cloud-based asset management solution prompted Timly to extend its reach beyond its home base.

Unstoppable Success

More than 30 employees contribute to the unstoppable success of Timly Software AG, ensuring the continuous advancement of the clever software. Currently serving over 500 customers worldwide, Timly stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence in digital asset management.

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FAQ: IT Asset Tracking Software

What Is IT Asset Tracking Software, and Why Is It Important?

IT asset tracking software is a tool used to monitor and manage the lifecycle of IT assets, including hardware, software, and digital services. It helps organizations track asset locations, usage, maintenance schedules, and compliance with licensing agreements.

How Does IT Asset Tracking Software Improve Business Operations?

IT asset tracking software improves business operations by providing visibility into asset locations, conditions, and usage patterns. It streamlines inventory management and helps reduce the risk of theft and loss. It also helps optimize maintenance schedules and keep in compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements.

What Are the Necessary Features of an IT Asset-Tracking Software?

When selecting an IT asset tracking software, ensure that it has a centralized inventory, barcode or RFID tagging, maintenance scheduling, automated alerts, mobile accessibility, and adaptability to integrate with your existing tools and systems.

What Types of Inventory and Assets Can Be Managed With Timly?

Timly offers unmatched flexibility in overseeing both physical and non-physical assets, from machinery and tools to IT equipment and personnel qualifications. The app enables seamless tracking of asset location, usage, and essential timelines such as maintenance schedules. Its standout feature is extensive customization, allowing adaptation to specific needs.

What Are the Software and Hardware Requirements for Using Timly?

Timly requires no additional software or programs for operation. Accessible through a web browser on any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or PC, Timly allows users to easily scan assets using the device’s built-in camera. The user-friendly and intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience.

What Are IT Considerations When Implementing Timly?

Timly operates through any web browser on smart devices (phone, tablet, or PC), with scanning facilitated by the device’s built-in camera. It functions independently, requiring no additional IT software or hardware. The web app ensures access to the latest version and features included in your subscription. If you wish to integrate Timly with other IT tools or systems for streamlined data synchronization, our Rest API allows for easy implementation.

Can Timly Be Used on Mobile Devices?

Timly seamlessly functions on various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. The cloud-based asset tracking platform allows access to all features directly from the device’s browser – from anywhere in world – via a standard internet connection.

How Is Company Data Kept Secure With Timly?

At Timly, ensuring the security of customer data is the top priority. The IT infrastructure and software are regularly updated, employing cutting-edge programming frameworks and the latest security protocols to safeguard against potential threats. Immediate implementation of security updates is a standard practice.

How Can the Right Features and Modules Be Selected?

Timly follows a modular design, allowing customers to select features that best suit their needs. Refer to the pricing overview for a detailed view of packages and features. If you have questions about your specific requirements, feel free to reach out.

What Is an Appropriate Timeframe for Implementing Timly?

Upon signing up, customers gain immediate access to Timly and the onboarding training kicks off. Full customization may take up to several weeks, depending on how Timly will be used and the data needed to enter/import. The team will guide customers every step of the way, ensuring they can utilize Timly efficiently in no time.

How Can Timly Help Track Inventory’s Location?

In Timly, assets can be tracked via a dedicated QR code that can be scanned by any device to gain access to information and editing options – including capturing its location with GPS. The account displays location history, employee details, and timestamps. For larger equipment, smart GPS tracker can be used for real-time monitoring by directly connecting them to the equipment.

Can Assets Be Imported From an Existing Inventory List?

Easily import existing inventory lists into Timly during setup using a CSV or Excel file – with assistance from the team if needed. For regular updates, Timly’s API allows for inventory data to be kept consistent and up-to-date.

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