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Mastering Stock Management With Software – This Is How It’s Done

The principle is simple: everything is inventory. Working materials, machines and tools as well as consumables, office utensils and other goods belong in the stock management app. When any items are taken over, they are stored in a central database. Timly’s software ensures that the categories can be adapted to the respective asset.

In this way, all necessary information about an inventory item can be stored, and no nonsensical entries are requested from the user. If a work item is issued, your administration can easily record to whom and for what purpose this was done. This makes it possible to see at any time where individual items of inventory are located. In addition, it is possible to call up when and where consumables were used. By constantly updating the inventory levels, it is possible to have warning messages and notices sent by e-mail when certain levels are not reached.

Personal responsibility is known to ensure a more careful handling of work equipment. It is also easier to see whether there is potential for savings in individual areas. In addition, Timly’s inventory management software offers a number of convenient functions for employees. For example, operating instructions for tools can be stored. Any previous damage is documented during handover and upcoming dates such as maintenance can be viewed by every employee. Any defects that occur can be reported in real time by each employee via their device, such as a smartphone.

The Stock Management App Suitable for Small Businesses

The professional management of inventories, called stock management, is not only something for large companies with a dedicated ERP system. Even in small companies with only a few employees, it makes sense to digitally record inventory and consumables. Craft businesses in particular usually use a large number of high-quality tools and machines. It is not easy to keep track of which equipment was purchased and issued and when maintenance appointments are due.

Printed inventory lists are not up to date. Handling them on construction sites, in poor lighting and weather conditions, is not practical. Such administrative tasks are quickly perceived as annoying and too time-consuming. Accordingly, the risk of failing to record changes and report loss or consumption increases.

If you are forced to calculate sharply, a complete and daily updated insight into used inventory and consumed materials can be very helpful in identifying unnecessary cost centres. For example, by checking the effectiveness of work processes. In addition, with a professional inventory management system, you have the option of storing all repairs and maintenance for each piece of equipment. This makes it easier to locate equipment that requires disproportionate maintenance.

Stock management app on three devices

Simply Manage Machines, Work Equipment, Tools and Co. Digitally


Is Your Digital Stock Control Excel-Based?

Software is a cost factor. So it makes sense to use existing products with generic functions for other tasks as well. Excel is well suited for creating lists and overviews due to its widespread use and universality. Nevertheless, the spreadsheet programme has several weaknesses that make it unnecessarily difficult to use as a professional stock management app.

Multi-user capability has still not been implemented to this day in the way that database-based software is. In addition, it is difficult to clearly record items of different categories. If both consumables, for example gloves, and complex machines, such as a forklift truck, are to be recorded among each other, this is only possible with compromises and at the expense of an inventory category.

The biggest weakness is the lack of suitability for dynamic entries. It is hardly conceivable that entries such as current defects or the assignment to a new employee are made in a central Excel table – from a construction site. It is precisely this kind of information that makes up the added value of digital warehouse management (by using a stock management app).

Easy Inventory Management With QR Code via App!

Good digital inventory management apps are characterised by intuitive and time-saving handling. Timly uses space-saving barcodes and QR codes to call up an inventory profile. When entering, this can be attached to the device or the storage location of a consumable item. Afterwards, it is possible for every authorised employee to access the stock management mobile app for the asset by scanning the QR code.

Entries can then be made there, such as the assignment to an employee or the withdrawal from the warehouse stock. Even in workshops or on construction sites, it is guaranteed that access to the profile of an inventory item is possible without lengthy entries on the terminal device. This increases employee acceptance of the management system and thus the effectiveness of the entire software solution for digital inventory management.

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Stay Flexible – Mobile Access to Everything

Nowadays, almost every employee carries a smartphone and is usually familiar with the use of apps.

What could be more natural than to offer access to digital stock management with mobile devices via a specially designed stock management app?

Timly’s inventory software includes an app that is optimised for smartphones and tablets. Here, the device’s camera acts as a barcode scanner.

Stock management app used in an office
Timly – digital stock management for more efficient processes

The operating elements in the app are designed in such a way that updates are as simple as possible and require little input. The illumination of the buttons within the app ensures that handling is also possible without problems on construction sites or in poorly lit storage rooms. In this way, every employee has an interface for digital stock management always at hand in his or her pocket.

Data Accessible From Anywhere Thanks to the Stock Management App

Another feature that is key to the flexibility of inventory tracking software and Timly’s stock management app is the cloud-based storage of data. Hosting a database on the local network has the advantage of having full control over hardware and software.

However, in order to access the stock management app remotely, you need to open up your network for external access. This can lead to security problems or a high administrative effort. Timly uses a GDPR-compliant cloud storage. Access protection and authorisation concept for users are already included. Your employees only need an internet connection to access the digital warehouse management.

They are completely independent of their current location. Data records can be called up and edited wherever work is currently being carried out. This is a great relief especially for craft businesses and companies in the logistics sector. But even in companies with static work locations, there is no need to network the individual workplaces in order to be able to use digital stock management everywhere.

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Intuitive Software for Your Inventory

Our stock management app offers you a wide range of sophisticated functions. This way, your inventory is easily and reliably digitalised.

Manage All Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, vehicle fleet, furniture or contracts: everything in Timly.

Mobile Available Everywhere

Localise your assets with the integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets.

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, projects, rooms, locations or external service providers.


Digital File Management

Digitally store important information, files, documents, audit trails & contacts for your assets.

GPS Recording

Save the exact GPS location of your assets with one scan. All GPS data historically verifiable.

Maintenance Management

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the asset location, as well as deadline management.

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