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Salty Lemon Rides High with Timly

If you love the ocean, the feeling of the wind on your back, and the power of the waves beneath your feet, then chances are you’ll love Salty Lemon. This innovative company was founded in 2020 by two oceanthusiasts whose shared one vision: to revolutionize access to kitesurfing equipment. In our case today, we will look at Salty Lemon and the wave that brought them to Timly in 2022. 

Salty Lemon use case logo

Salty Lemon

Founding Year


Types of assets

Kitesurfing gear


Sports equipment rental

Number of assets


The Challenge: Surfing smoothly through inventory information

Exemple d'équipements loués par Salty Lemon
An array of kitesurfing gear available for rent from Salty Lemon.

Salty Lemon stands to kitesurfing as Netflix does to movies, thanks to its subscription-based, flexible kitesurfing equipment rental service. With options starting from a mere month and extendable to two years, Salty Lemon goes above and beyond to simplify the rental process for its customers. Imagine having your kitesurfing gear delivered right to your doorstep, ready to accompany you on adventures across the globe. And there’s more: every piece of equipment comes with insurance, offering peace of mind. Plus, customers enjoy the freedom to switch brands, models, or sizes whenever they wish during their contract.

However, navigating the logistics of such a dynamic service is quite a task. The key challenge for Salty Lemon has been how to efficiently manage and coordinate their rental equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly for their customers.

“We rent out kite equipment and need to register which equipment goes to which client, which equipment we have in stock in which quantities, and so on. We started with a simple Excel file but quite soon we got more and more problems with that. So the bigger we grew, the more equipment we had, the more clients we had – and we soon realised that we needed a better working solution.”

(Timo Rogge – Co-Founder & COO)

The solution: A new system to manage the inventory

Salty Lemon opted for the Timly inventory management platform to oversee and track its equipment and customer allocations. New processes were implemented, providing employees of the kitesurfing equipment rental brand, Salty Lemon, with a detailed overview of their material resources.

Kitesurfing symbolizes freedom, a value deeply ingrained in Salty Lemon’s operations. Timly’s inventory management software delivers the flexibility, security, and simplicity that align seamlessly with Salty Lemon’s ethos.

Questions like “What is in stock?” or “How long is this customer’s contract?” are easily answered with Timly. The app’s intuitive design and smart features provide Salty Lemon with precise data and a transparent overview of their inventory. When renting out equipment, Salty Lemon employees simply scan the Timly QR code on the item, which brings up the Timly record for that piece. There, they can enter important details such as price, purchase date, condition, size, brand, color, or even the serial number. Additionally, by accessing Timly, they can see which employee last scanned the item, the date of the scan, and the GPS location at that moment.

Vêtements Salty Lemon

Salty Lemon equips kitesurfers with stylish and functional gear.

Most used functions & features:

Equipment Management 

Salty Lemon now centralizes its kitesurfing equipment and rental management, consolidating all information in Timly.

Mobile Access

Mobile access provides a significant advantage for Salty Lemon employees, ensuring all necessary data is always at their fingertips, from anywhere.

The Result: Flexible and effective management of rental equipment

With Timly, all essential equipment management information is centralized in one spot, streamlining Salty Lemon’s operational processes to be simpler and more efficient, and resulting in considerable time savings.
Les co-fondateurs de Salty Lemon, Timo Rogge et Stefan Hain

Co-founders of Salty Lemon, Timo Rogge and Stefan Hain.

The time saved can now be redirected towards other tasks or simply enjoying the sea.

With most of Salty Lemon’s employees working remotely, the cloud-based Timly web app has been a real boon, allowing staff to collaborate seamlessly without the overlap and confusion previously experienced with Excel.

“The quality of information has significantly improved. We now know with accuracy which equipment is in the warehouse and which is with our clients. With our previous system, we constantly faced issues. Now, we have greater confidence in the information thanks to Timly.”

(Timo Rogge – Co-Founder & COO)

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