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Tools, Deadlines and Employees: HAUSER Manages Everything Digitally With Timly

With 75 years of experience, HAUSER, headquartered in Linz, is a successful global full-range supplier of refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration technology. From project management to service, HAUSER accompanies its customers throughout the entire service life of the systems. With a digital solution, tool management, maintenance and employee training are always kept in sight.

Timly optimises tool management at HAUSER headquarters in Linz

Timly at HAUSER 2

HAUSER Kühlmöbel und Kältetechnik GmbH

Founding year





15 worldwide


Refrigeration technologies


~355 mln €


~8,000 objects

The Challenge: Keeping an Eye on Tools and Deadlines and Reducing Downtime

HAUSER equips its customers, such as large supermarket chains or petrol stations, with refrigerated shelves, counters and refrigeration systems and offers a complete service (including building services). The overview of tools and deadlines is essential. Thanks to Timly, everyone now knows exactly which equipment is in which vehicle.
Timly at HAUSER in Linz 1

Since the end of 2021, HAUSER has been managing its tools and deadlines as well as employee training with Timly software

Before a digital solution, there was no absolute transparency, as materials were only returned when someone left the company. Among other things, this led to the loss of cost-intensive tools. With Timly’s barcode labels, this is no longer a problem either.

Before Timly, the downtime of defective equipment was very high. It took about two to three weeks until a defective unit was available again, although the effective repair time was only two days. If a fitter reported a defect by e-mail, it took longer than necessary for someone to feel responsible for it and for the unit to be sent by post.

In addition, it was not clear which devices were repaired by whom and when the inspection obligations for devices or TüV certificates expired. There was no overview of certifications and upcoming staff training.

So a digital inventory management system was needed that could solve all this.

The Solution: Digital Tool Management in Combination With Electronic Personnel Files

Inventory Management Well Integrated in the Company

When selecting a suitable solution, Timly stood out because the software combines exactly what HAUSER needs: An inventory management system, but one that also connects to employees and maps training courses. – Here, both are combined in one system!

In an online presentation, HAUSER was able to get an idea of the functions of the Timly software and had a demo version activated immediately afterwards. Here, the employees themselves became active and were able to test the solution extensively.

According to Sascha Gusenbauer, the acceptance in the company was very high from the beginning. The employees immediately “played around” and saw what they could do with Timly. Articles and vehicles were created, template objects were created and employees were added…

Managing tools in Timly - HAUSER

Efficient tool management in just a few scans

The demo version with the already created objects could be taken over directly later, so that HAUSER had a smooth transition from the test phase to the operative application. Now all devices were equipped with QR codes and recorded once.

In my opinion, the one-time effort was manageable. Of course, if you want order afterwards, you have to invest a bit of time in advance, but you definitely make up for the time in daily use with Timly.
Sascha Gusenbauer, Team Leader Disposition Assembly

Mobile Tool Management

Every employee now has access to Timly on their cell phone and can easily scan the QR code of the device on site. This allows him to view and manage all important information as well as documents and maintenance deadlines in the digital maintenance planner while on the go.

Edit Defects Quickly and Easily

Defects can now also be recorded very quickly. The employee on site scans the respective QR code and simply sends a defect message, which is automatically sent to the responsible colleague.

When such a defect report reaches the person in charge, he or she can directly initiate the issue of a loaner device, order spare parts or contact the technician. This reduces downtime and effectively saves a lot of time.

Mainly Used:

Timly at HAUSER 3

Plan maintenance

Thanks to the digital maintenance planner with a centralized overview, HAUSER gets automatically notified of device checks and can comply with all specified safety standards.

Timly at HAUSER 4

Employee skills at a glance

With the Training Management Software, training courses and certificates are managed efficiently so that employees with special skills can be found quickly .

Short Interview With Sascha Gusenbauer (HAUSER)

HAUSER in Linz with Timly Team

From left: Alexander Winter, Ninja Kruschewski, Sascha Gusenbauer, Johannes Pfeiffer, Patrik Hirscher

Why Did You Choose Timly?

We chose Timly because by using a digital solution we now have a detailed overview of all our equipment and know who is carrying it at any given time. Downtime has been greatly reduced by the simple defect reporting system.

What Does Timly Help You With and How Do You Use the Solution?

Through Timly’s inventory software, we manage to drastically reduce the effort for maintenance management. We can certainly report successes, especially with regard to repair times. Here we have shrunk from weeks to days and can issue tools and articles directly to the fitter. The effort required for maintenance management has also been greatly reduced and inspection periods are no longer a vexing issue, as they are mapped very clearly in Timly.

What Is an Important Function for You at Timly?

A very important function for us is the digital personnel file, which helps us with employee management regarding training. Every training, every further training usually also has an expiry date – we have tracked this perfectly and know when we have to send the employee to training or further training again.

The simple filtering according to employees or skills allows us to quickly find the suitable employee. For example, having to search for service coordinators is an everyday situation for us: which employee can we schedule for what? Timly is the perfect tool to find out who is the right employee for which application.

The allocation of devices to employees and the check-in/check-out function has provided a better overview and also increased the employees’ sense of responsibility. This has not only saved us time, but also prevented equipment losses.

For us, the investment has certainly paid off. Many tools that used to simply disappear or were gone now remain in the inventory and we always know exactly where they are because they are now always returned on time.


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