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The Journey Continues: Timly Welcomes Lansweeper on Board

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Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


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Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Bewertungen auf Capterra für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software

New Partnership: Timly and Lansweeper

The Timly Lansweeper partnership is the latest addition to our journey of growth and innovation! Since its inception, Timly has evolved from a promising asset management start-up to a leading provider in the asset tracking software domain. A key component of our exceptional growth has been our unwavering commitment to providing an inventory management platform with cutting-edge features. Whenever beneficial for our customers, we enter alliances with respected industry players. A case in point is our collaboration with adnexo, a frontrunner in professional IoT sensors which we integrate for inventory tracking.

Now, we’re elated to announce our strategic partnership with Lansweeper, a renowned name in automated IT inventory and network management. This synergy amplifies our robust asset tracking offerings, delivering unparalleled value to our cherished clientele.

Lansweeper and Timly: A Perfect Fit

Lansweeper provides an in-depth snapshot of your IT infrastructure. The software seamlessly scans your network, cataloguing all IT assets and capturing vital details such as operating system versions, installed applications, and registered users.

Crucial data for asset management, including location, device type, serial numbers, and network specifics, can now be directly imported into Timly using a newly integrated interface. Timly adeptly oversees your IT infrastructure, covering everything from hardware to peripherals. Beyond standard parameters like location assignments and individual roles, you can directly associate specific assets in Lansweeper.

This removes the need for manual logging of physical hardware and its associated software. Together, Lansweeper and Timly create a potent duo that elevates your inventory management, providing you with a full overview of your IT landscape.

Timly’s simple software explained in under 2 minutes

Licence Management and Hardware Administration Work Best Combined

Hardware typically comes with fixed parameters, such as make and performance metrics. However, dynamic details like locations and personnel allocations can be effortlessly updated with Timly, thanks to our cloud-centric solution and the convenient Timly Inventory App.

When evaluating IT hardware, it’s paramount to consider the operating system and applications on servers, PCs, and mobile devices – and that’s where Lansweeper steps in. The software has the capability to remotely access local servers and fetch exhaustive details about the installed software. This data encompasses software specifics, manufacturer guarantees, and licence periods.

By leveraging these version insights, you can effectively monitor the rollout of updates and security fixes. Regular scans by Lansweeper ensure that you maintain a continuously refreshed, comprehensive perspective of your IT environment.

Security and Automation as Cornerstones of IT Asset Management

With Lansweeper and Timly you can implement essential principles of IT Asset Management (ITAM). Specifically, with regards to security, the combination of both applications gives you real added value.

Timly’s maintenance planner manages key dates, such as safety inspections, ensuring an oversight on which hardware and software products are being used and where.

Conversely, Lansweeper actively monitors your network for pertinent security vulnerabilities. It achieves this by consistently cross-referencing installed software versions in your network against the known software vulnerabilities and exploits listed in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database. Should Lansweeper identify any compromised devices, it presents the findings in a concise summary.

In the face of pressing security concerns, you can utilise Lansweeper to implement corrective measures remotely through scripts, such as deactivating specific software. For details on locations and the individuals responsible for onsite interventions, particularly with hardware that’s not always linked to the network, you can turn to Timly.

Schedule management and network scanning are automated. You can receive notifications for specific events if desired, significantly reducing the need for manual checks.

Over 500 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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Fresh Perspectives with Monitoring and Analysis

A fundamental feature of Timly is the digital device record, where all pertinent information and documents can be compiled. This provides you with an overview, particularly in terms of the cost-effectiveness and repair susceptibility of deployed assets. Lansweeper complements this by offering monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

For instance, it’s possible to monitor the event logs of client PCs for specific events. Filtering and search functions ensure that key facts can be quickly identified. Lansweeper aids you in monitoring and managing your network with clear diagrams of network topology. Displaying dependencies makes troubleshooting network issues more straightforward.

Additionally, operational information can be gleaned from the included lifecycle summaries. This simplifies the planning of new acquisitions and the calculation of arising costs. The necessary data foundation is provided by both Lansweeper and Timly.

How Integrating Lansweeper with Timly Benefits Your Business

Utilising Lansweeper and Timly significantly streamlines administrative tasks:

· Eliminating blind spots in holistic asset management – Lansweeper regularly scans your network automatically for integrated resources. Timly supplements the details of the identified devices.

· Sustainability – You receive a complete overview of the hardware and software in use. Unused resources are quickly identified and can be reallocated. Transparent displays of the currency of deployed products assist in using them optimally until their “End of Life” (EOL).

· Increased efficiency – Manual retrieval of information and linking from different sources is no longer necessary. Key information is always at hand with Lansweeper and Timly, right where it’s needed.

· Workflow optimisation – With the constant availability of information, fewer queries are necessary. Valuable overviews and report options assist your staff in optimally configuring your IT infrastructure.

This way, your employees have more time to focus on your core business and you save costs through the optimal use of existing resources.

Future-Ready With Lansweeper and Timly

In this day and age, effective asset management is becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses. With the rise of remote working and shifting work locations, managing work resources has become more challenging. This applies especially IT assets, due to obvious reasons.

Not only do they play pivotal roles in communication, but they are also crucial for various other tasks undertaken by your employees.

PC user integrating Lansweeper and Timly apps

Keep track of your inventory with Lansweeper and Timly

Bottlenecks and outages quickly become problematic, potentially jeopardising deadlines. At the same time, the risk of cyber-attacks increases. Vulnerable components frequently threaten the entire company network’s security.

With the combined power of Lansweeper and Timly, you now have the opportunity to seamlessly embed the management of your IT infrastructure into a unified inventory system. Both physical and virtual attributes are accessible through an internal interface, ensuring you’re well-prepared for upcoming challenges.

Learn more about the Lansweeper x Timly integration.

Stronger Together: Lansweeper & Timly

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Smart Software for IT Inventory

With Timly’s simple software, you always have an overview of your inventory and can manage and organise it from anywhere. A wide range of sophisticated functions also makes it easy to digitise your inventory.

Manage All Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, vehicle fleet, furniture or contracts: everything in Timly.

Mobile Available Everywhere

Localise your assets with the integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets.

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, projects, rooms, locations or external service providers.

Digital File Management

Digitally store important information, files, documents, audit trails & contacts for your assets.

GPS Recording

Save the exact GPS location of your assets with one scan. All GPS data historically verifiable.

Maintenance Management

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the asset location, as well as deadline management.

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