Timly Wins New Customer Clinique Delc

The Timly team was delighted to kick-off with Clinique DELC and welcome its first client from the medical sector. Clinique DELC is an innovative clinic specialising in dermatology, venous medicine, laser therap…

Why Does Asset Management Matter? The Benefits and Importance to Your Business

Why does asset management matter? Explore why asset management is important and critical for risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

Asset Management Software Schools: Efficiently Manage New and Existing IT Equipment

Asset management in schools has become increasingly digital in recent years: laptops and beamers have replaced the classic overhead projectors and the digital blackboard. The administration of IT devices can be…

Professional Solution From Timly – Instead of Using Free Tool Software

Using a free tool software saves licence fees that are due for commercial applications. However, it should not be overlooked that costs for wages, tools and materials are usually many times higher.

Electrical Inspection: Carry Out and Document Electrical Tests With Timly Software

Every company has electrical equipment, although the scope can vary greatly depending on the industry and the size of the company. In any case, all companies have one thing in common: the electrical inspection …

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Murat Tulgar

IT Manager | SodaStream

Our IT inventory now runs smoothly with Timly. The digitalization of processes with the Timly software brings real added value and minimizes the administrative effort.

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Sebastian Lang

CEO | Lang Bau

Timly is an established system in our company. Thanks to Timly, we always have a comprehensive picture of our inventory. This is exactly how we envisioned it.

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Stefan Träger

CIO | Westenergie

A big compliment to you and the Timly team. Everyone at our company really enjoys working with Timly and we will certainly introduce your tool in other areas.