Safe Use of Ladders: The Digital Checklist

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders According to UK Regulations

Safe use of ladders: Ladders and steps are important everyday tools and equipment in the construction industry, but also in many other businesses. However, they are usually in heavy use, so that wear and damage are difficult to avoid. Therefore, a regular ladder inspection – at least once a year – as well as a complete documentation is all the more important to guarantee the safety of the employees.

However, what needs to be checked and observed during a ladder inspection according to the UK ladder regulations? How do you ensure the quality of the inspections? And above all: how do you keep track of your many ladders and steps? With the Timly inventory software, all this can be done digitally – very easily and safely.

In order to inspect ladders and steps regularly and reliably, they should be digitally recorded from the outset. With manual ladder inspection documentation, inspection reports often get lost – especially when the intervals for inspection tend to be longer. With the Timly ladder inspection app, however, it is possible to quickly and easily record damage and store inspection documents in the cloud. This also gives an external inspector, with the appropriate authorisations, access.

The required documentation is recorded in the history, so that the inspection of all ladders is recorded without gaps. The frequency and severity of detected defects can also be identified and a ladder can be replaced with a new one in good time if necessary. This digital ladder inspection book effectively and safely fulfils the obligation to provide evidence and precautionary measures.

Ladder Inspection: Who Is Qualified to Carry It Out?

The step and ladder inspection may only be carried out by competent persons with the appropriate certificate. This is to ensure a high level of safety and reliability of the ladders and steps. Whether the skilled person is an internal employee or is commissioned externally is irrelevant.

It only has to be ensured that he or she has the necessary expertise and experience. As part of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), employers, managers, duty holders and supervisors have the responsibility to provide employees with safe equipment.

The regular inspection of ladders therefore also requires consideration of who is allowed to carry out the ladder inspection documentation. However, there are no precise instructions on how to deal with protocols. Certificates and training documents can, however, be securely stored in inventory software and assigned to individual persons. In this way, you can centrally record the skills and documents of your employees and have an overview at all times of who is eligible for inspection or other tasks.

Simple User Interface for Ladder Inspection Documentation

For practical ladder inspection documentation, Timly provides a very user-friendly interface that is repeatedly highlighted by customers. Of course, this is also important if you as a contractor or warehouse manager bring in external inspectors. Because extensive training in the software would cause unnecessary time and costs.

With clever inventory software, you have all the documents for ladder inspection documentation clearly arranged and available in one place. Simply call up the Timly app from your computer or scan the ladder to be inspected with the barcode scanner on your smartphone or tablet.

Safe use of ladders checklist on mobile devices

The Most Important Advantages of the Ladder Inspection App

  • Simple ladder test documentation
  • Reminder & scheduled appointments
  • Uncomplicated handover to external inspectors
  • Document damage & defects and photograph for inspection in advance
  • Deposit documents in the cloud – instead of SENDING them away
  • Employee profiles with proof of knowledge
  • Compliance with all DGUV regulations
    Enormous time saving

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Ladder Inspection: Protocol Free of Charge

The regular ladder inspection according to UK standards requires a functional inspection. The exact features that must be checked are specified by law. So that you do not forget anything and can check and enter all the details one after the other, you can always check the brief guide to the safe use of ladders and stepladders from the UK ladders association as a protocol. This enables you to carry out the ladder inspection (or have it carried out) in accordance with the regulations and only have to tick off the items or enter your notes.

You can also save this as an inspection protocol in Timly. This will save you time and you are sure to have all the documents ready for the next inspection. With a digital ladder inspection book, you save yourself a lot of effort and annoying searching is no longer necessary.

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Frequency of Inspection Depending on Use

If ladders and steps are used more regularly, they should be inspected more often. In any case, an annual inspection is required by law. Often, however, inspections are only carried out irregularly during the year – and are therefore more easily forgotten. However, safety in your company should of course have the highest priority, which makes proper ladder inspection documentation indispensable.

Safe use of ladders made easy with Timly

The Timly inventory software ensure safe use of ladders 

With Timly, you can evaluate the frequency of use of your operating equipment – not only ladders – and thus determine the optimal time for the next inspection. Those responsible are then automatically reminded of the next date via the software’s notification system.

The whereabouts of your ladders can also be clearly tracked at any time with Timly’s inventory software. All users are noted in the app by the item and the number as well as locations can be viewed at any time.

An internal or external inspector does not have to do things without guidance, but gets a precise list of how many ladders and steps are to be checked at which location. This way, no ladder is forgotten and all inspection obligations can be met.

Timly Inventory App saves resources in many areas

Safe use of ladders is ensured by ladder inspections. Timly simplifies many things and saves resources. The modern interfaces also contribute to this. Because by networking with your accounting, controlling or partners, you no longer need to carry out double ladder inspection documentation. Everyone always has a full and up-to-date overview of ladders and other equipment as well as the associated deadlines.


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