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Sodastream Optimises It Device Management With Timly and Saves a Lot of Time With Innovative Self-Inventory

SodaStream is the world market leader for water sparkling systems for domestic use. With its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, it has 22 production sites worldwide and currently distributes its products in 46 countries. SodaStream GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany also has a lot of IT equipment at its various locations, and many colleagues now work from their home offices. A digital solution for the efficient management of IT end devices became necessary…

Murat Tulgar explains how Timly software significantly simplifies IT inventory and stocktaking processes

Timly Inventarverwaltung Software Kunden - Sodastream

SodaStream GmbH

Founding year



~258 mln €

SodaStream group

Sales in 45 countries






~5,000 objects

The Challenge: Efficient Digital Management of It Devices at Different Locations (Also Remote)

Timly at SodaStream in Frankfurt

SodaStream employs many people in the home office, which makes inventory management difficult

The challenge at SodaStream was to ensure efficient management of the numerous IT assets at different locations as well as for employees in the home office. Previously, the inventory of the devices had been carried out laboriously and inefficiently in Excel and the devices of employees in the home office were not recorded at all. It was difficult to determine where and with which colleague which end device was currently located.

Therefore, IT manager Murat Tulgar was looking for a solution that could digitally map the devices and manage them efficiently. In the process, he came across the Timly software, those involved tested the app intensively and decided in favour of it. Since 2021, SodaStream has been using Timly’s digital inventory management, which has significantly reduced the time and resources needed for inventory and ensures an overview of the entire IT inventory.

The Solution: Mobile Digital Device Management With Defect Reporting System

Digital It Device Management Mobile via App

To keep track of all IT devices from monitors to laptops, SodaStream’s staff and IT manager use the Timly inventory app. A device can be found using the search function in the system to display the location or the employee where it can currently be found. All data can be accessed directly on the device with a simple QR code scan.

Reserve Equipment in Advance and Plan Maintenance

In the so-called deadline and maintenance planner, a device can easily be reserved in advance and allocated to the respective employees. If employee X needs the device again after 3 weeks, for example, it is assigned to employee Y in the meantime if necessary. The return of the device is then automatically reminded in due time.

Murat Tulgar manages inventory in Timly

Through Timly, SodaStream always has a complete overview of the inventory

Innovation: Self-Inventory for the Home Office!

The number of home office employees at SodaStream is not insignificant, which is why the inventory was made very difficult.

“This gave rise to the idea of self-inventory, which we approached Timly with. This resulted in the new function, with which every employee can now inventory their equipment in the home office or even mobile.”

Murat Tulgar (IT Manager, SodaStream)

The function enables the supervisor or person in charge to automatically send a reminder to all employees in the home office. They can then easily take inventory of their devices or report defects using a QR code scan with their smartphone.

Mainly Used:

Timly at SodaStream 2

Assign assets

SodaStream can now link IT devices with employees so that it is visible where which device is located. This saves a lot of time when taking inventory, even with employees in the home office.

Timly at SodaStream 3

Integrated barcode scanner

The inventory and reporting of defects is now done easily with the integrated barcode scanner. This does not require an extra scanning device, but simply the smartphone of the employees.

Result: Save Time & Resources Through Digital Device Management With Mobile Self-Inventory

The introduction of Timly inventory software has helped SodaStream to digitally record and manage its IT equipment. As a result, there is now a good overview of all devices and the inventory can be carried out quickly and reliably thanks to the mobile “self-inventory”.

Timly in Frankfurt with the SodaStream Team

Timly accompanies SodaStream in the further optimisation of inventory processes

“Now we save a tremendous amount of time because it also only takes 2 minutes for the home office staff to confirm their assets.”

The challenges that had arisen due to the increased work in the home office could thus be solved and provide for a great saving of time and resources.

“Timly is exactly the right software for our problems and the management of our assets.”

Murat Tulgar (IT Manager, SodaStream)

At SodaStream GmbH, Timly has provided great time savings, especially with the innovative “self-inventory” function, which is noticeable during the annual inventory.


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