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Employee Training Tracking Software: Why It Matters to Your Business

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Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Bewertungen auf Capterra für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software

The benefits of employee training tracking software for your business

In today’s digital era, employee training tracking software sets a high standard for monitoring staff development and safeguarding employee certification records. Staff training is not just crucial for cultivating a qualified workforce, but also aligns with key business considerations such as health & safety and various compliance issues.

Your employee training records contain sensitive information that demands protection from unauthorised access. Any data security breaches would not only damage your employees’ trust in your ability to keep their data safe, but would also violate data protection regulations.

And if you are still making do with traditional paper-based training records, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of accessing and updating information, particularly if these records are securely filed away.

This is where employee training tracking tools, like the one provided by Timly, are indispensable. With a digital staff training records management system, you can not only organise the delivery of your staff training programmes but also document them. This ensures that comprehensive training records are just a click away.

Employee training record management: What you need to keep in its original form

Determining the contents of a digital employee record, and deciding which documents to retain in their original form, isn’t as straightforward as you might assume. This is because legal provisions regarding paper-based and digital employee training records vary across countries, and not all explicitly mandate one over the other or indeed what details to capture.

However, within a business, there are typically several areas that might require or benefit from employee training tracking and records management. Tax law, payroll, and social contributions are cases in point.

Also, disputes between employers and employees arising in relation to staff qualifications and development measures are unfortunately not uncommon. If either party resorts to legal action, it becomes crucial to have original staff training records and associated documents, such as employment contracts, on hand. In legal proceedings, the principle of free evaluation of evidence is paramount, meaning a judge might assess the credibility of each piece of evidence.

An employee training records management software like the one offered by Timly becomes indispensable in such and other scenarios. It not only offers accuracy and reliability, but also a high degree of customisation for your staff training tracking requirements.

You can tailor the Timly training management software to incorporate specific datasets and documents within the digital employee records, ensuring that essential details are recorded and readily accessible for decision-making. Consider here the dates when a specific training for a specific member of staff was requested and completed, the qualifications and certifications that the staff obtained, the period of validity, and the business areas your employee is now qualified to operate in. Features within Timly, such as the employee training scheduler, ensure that no training deadlines or dates are overlooked.

Over 500 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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Key functionalities in your digital employee training tracking software

The need for easy access to digital training employee records must balance seamlessly with the highest security measures for personnel data. In this context, the Timly training and certifications management tool checks all the boxes and more.

With Timly, your company data is housed in central cloud storage, with servers exclusively positioned within data centres in Germany, ensuring strict adherence to GDPR standards. All data exchange employs recognised, secure encryption standards.

Furthermore, within the Timly app, authorised users can only access data they have permission for. This granularity is possible due to Timly’s role-based permissions, which your admin can tailor to your specifications. For instance, employees might be granted limited access to view their own training records, while roles like managers and HR representatives might have more expansive permissions. Sensitive information is compartmentalised, accessible only to those granted higher access privileges.

As highlighted, with Timly, employees can view their own training records. It’s worth mentioning that the Timly solution supports an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. This means you can allow your employees to view and update their digital records if you wish to. This helps with transparency regarding the training data associated with their record, and also empowers them to take the reins of their professional development. The feature accommodating scanned documents streamlines various HR activities, enabling staff to upload digital files of any nature.

Practical considerations for a digital employee training tracking

Building on the importance of security and transparency, electronic employee records should also address practical needs. Essential documents pertaining to an employment relationship must be securely stored while ensuring compliance with legal stipulations.

One of the standout advantages of digitising records is that supervisors can swiftly and clearly confirm the qualifications of their employees. Onboarding processes and their associated paperwork are equally significant. And for those training sessions that are accredited, it’s imperative to spotlight any with looming expiry dates.

With Timly in your toolkit, integrating staff training management into your HR strategy becomes effortless. For instance, using custom categories in Timly, you can establish training plans and send automatic notifications to all individuals involved. Once a training session is completed, the newly acquired skill or certification is seamlessly integrated into the employee’s record within Timly.

For managers, a real-time snapshot of each employee’s training progression and their qualifications for undertaking specific tasks or operating certain equipment is just a click away. This reduces risks to your organisation associated with staff being inadequately trained or unqualified for tasks or projects they’ve been allocated.

In Timly, you can also record specific skills or qualifications as mandatory for a particular operational area. This ensures managers are consistently informed about requisite staff expertise and can identify within the same record which individuals meet the requirements. This feature is especially invaluable when managers need to staff specific projects or ensure uninterrupted operations. Additionally, it enables you to maximise the potential of your current talent pool, especially during times when attracting qualified staff might prove challenging.

Furthermore, accessing these records isn’t limited to just the office environment. With Timly’s intuitive mobile app, all your staff training data is readily available, no matter where you are. This allows supervisors to quickly ascertain on-site if an employee possesses the required qualifications for their designated tasks.

Timly’s intuitive software explained in under 2 minutes
Timly Employee Training Records and Certifications Tracking Software

Manage and Keep Track of Your Employee Training With Timly

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The importance of digital employee training management for SMEs

While the transition to digital employee records might not be mandatory at present, it’s highly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Timly provides a plug-and-play IT framework that’s scalable. Within Timly, the systematic cataloguing of employee training, qualifications and certificatins dovetails seamlessly with asset management.

Transitioning to digital employee records might not be mandatory in your country, but as illustrated above, the benefits are numerous. For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a smart software solution like Timly can be transformative. Businesses with limited resources and HR personnel use such tools to streamline workflows and processes, ensuring resources are utilised more efficiently.

Furthermore, Timly’s capabilities are not limited to HR functions. As a highly customisable 360° inventory management software, you can deploy it for the tracking and managing of virtually any kind of business inventory and assets: from IT equipment and office furniture to work tools, supplier contracts, and much more. In essence, Timly can act as your all-encompassing solution to oversee various aspects of your business, not just employee training records.

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The future lies in digital employee training tracking and archiving

As businesses have embraced advancements like cloud computing, AI-driven analytics, and blockchain verification, the trajectory is clear: harnessing the power of technology drives efficiency and competitiveness. In this evolving landscape, the momentum towards digitising employee training records is gaining pace. Adopting a tool like Timly not only future-proofs your operations but also refines your HR processes in the here and now. Essential data is at your fingertips, facilitating strategic planning around staff training and talent management.

Employee using Timly's Employee Training and Certifications Tracking Tool
Timly is a leading employee training tracker

With Timly, you are not only better equipped to meet and monitor key HR metrics today but also poised to adapt swiftly, ensuring your business continues to thrive in this rapidly advancing digital era

Simplify Staff Training Record Management With Timly

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