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Smart City Asset Management – Timly in Use at DIGOOH

The core business of DIGOOH Media GmbH in Cologne is to manage digital city light posters (DCLP) for outdoor use in various cities in Germany. The challenge here lies in making the client’s communication message always available at the right time, in the right place. We help to ensure the functionality of the advertising spaces.
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~2,500 items

The Challenge: Optimise Service Management for Many Locations

The product of the fast-growing company is primarily Digital-City-Light-Poster (DCLP), which are used at many different locations. An Efficient maintenance management is crucial in this case.
DIGOOH im Einsatz mit Timly
DIGOOH’s digital advertising screens are in use at numerous locations in Germany
DIGOOH Media GmbH therefore had special requirements for the Timly asset management software – in addition to the digital mapping of the assets, the special use case of the maintenance planner had to be implemented and adapted to the needs of the company.

Employees or service partners should be able to easily access the DCLP at the respective location via QR code scan. In addition to general information about the item (e.g. asset number, type designation, documentation, etc.), past services, defects and other maintenance information should also be made historically traceable at a glance.

The Solution: Resource-Saving Maintenance Planning

Data Collection

First of all, it was essential to carry out a basic survey of the existing assets. In this process, all existing information on the digital advertising spaces in use at the many different locations was recorded. In the future, information can be easily accessed and recorded via QR code scan with an existing smartphone or tablet.

The Maintenance Planner in Action

The service management module (Maintenance Planner) in the Timly software improves processes through software-supported automation. In addition to the central overview of upcoming dates and deadlines (safety inspections, maintenance…) suddenly occurring defects and deficiencies can also be recognised and remedied much more quickly.

For this purpose, Timly enables employees and service providers to directly record damage via access in the inventory app and forward it to the responsible office – simply with a click. Additional descriptions or even photos of the damage can be attached.

DIGOOH Werbe-Bildschirm
The information on an item can be called up very easily via QR code scan

Delegate User Access

To ensure that the right information is available in the right place and that there is no chaos in data maintenance, user restrictions come into play. With Timly, it is very easy to define which employee or external person is allowed to access which information, and in particular which actions can be carried out.

Mainly Used:

Timly at DIGOOH 1

Mobile access from anywhere

Using the Timly app, staff can access information on the advertising screens and perform actions at the location of the assets via QR code tag.

Timly at DIGOOH 2

Maintenance planning

Maintenance, inspections, deadlines and damages can now be handled with Timly’s automated maintenance scheduling solution, saving significant effort.

Result: Cost Efficiency Through Improved Processes

Assets are a top priority at DIGOOH Media GmbH. Conditions, locations and processes for maintenance and services of the DCLP can now be planned and observed at a central point with Timly, whereby the information is recorded decentrally at the location of the screens.

Defects and repairs can thus be evaluated more clearly, which simplifies the evaluation of new acquisitions. This effectively saves money, while new equipment is not necessary when introducing Timly – compared to other software providers. It is sufficient to simply give staff access to Timly via their existing smartphones.

The following upsides were achieved for DIGOOH Media GmbH:

  • Overview of status, whereabouts and condition of the devices.
  • Planning and execution of service procedures (software-supported)
  • Historical tracking of services, maintenance and defects
  • Optimised planning & calculation efforts for investments (data-based)

You Too Can Benefit From Timly – Digital Asset Management