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Timly’s Digital Inventory Management at the Commercial Site Hafen & Hof

Hafen & Hof in Berlin, the modern and innovative commercial yard, is a versatile location with numerous tenants: 4 bus companies, a commercial vehicle workshop, the Citymarina Berlin with boathouse and boat rental and a shipyard under construction, a high-quality restaurant, floating flats and other tourist hotspots.

It is often difficult to keep track of all the assets, the technical facilities with maintenance dates and the seasonal equipment. That’s why the facility team at Hafen & Hof opted for Timly’s digital inventory management.

Hafen & Hof Berlin Location

The Berlin commercial location Hafen & Hof has relied on Timly’s inventory software since 2020

Logo Hafen und Hof Berlin

Hafen & Hof Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG

Founding year




Businesses on site

11 companies


Property management

Boat tours

~1,500 / year


~1,000 objects

The Challenge: Diverse Companies, Numerous Assets and Stakeholders – How to Maintain an Overview?

The Hafen & Hof business location is currently home to 11 companies. There is a flow of visitors to the yard 365 days a year, 24/7, with the resulting challenges. Naturally, a problem can arise at any time… “Who can help?” or “does anyone know?” – this approach was energy-consuming and could be professionalised over time with Timly.
Hafen & Hof manages assets with inventory software from Timly
With a simple scan of the QR code label, employees can call up all the information about the object

Another problem was that although there was a lot of knowledge among the individual participants, it was scattered everywhere and thus not accessible to everyone. For example, questions arose such as:

➟ Where is the tool we are looking for?

➟ When was the last maintenance and is there still a guarantee on the tool?

➟ Who is the service partner and does the manufacturer have a hotline?

➟ Where is a specific care or operating manual located?

➟ Is there still enough workwear for the harbour kitchen or does it need to be reordered?

In his search for an ideal solution that could meet these challenges in the future, project manager Matthias Prillwitz then came across Timly’s inventory management.

17 - Matthias Prillwitz EN 1

You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where it is. With us, the answer is: In Timly. – Innovative, paperless and lean overhead.

Matthias Prillwitz
Project Manager
Hafen & Hof Berlin

The Solution: Mobile Inventory Management With Maintenance Planner and Defect Management

Inventory Information – Available to Everyone on the Move

With Timly’s digital inventory management, Hafen & Hof can now manage inventory, technology and consumables from anywhere in the world. Whether a stool that is no longer needed is to be resold or a defective grill is to be released for disposal – all this is quickly done with the Timly app. The responsible employees can access the inventory information at any time using their smartphone, a tablet or even from their desktop.


Plan Maintenance and Manage Defects

Maintenance, repairs and other services are carried out at Hafen & Hof now edited with Timly. All maintenance intervals, for example of entrance gates, air conditioning or alarm systems, are managed in the Maintenance planner. The person responsible is informed in good time and can have the maintenance carried out. If a defect or damage occurs, this can be reported with a simple QR code scan and the employee can store photos if necessary. An automated message is then sent so that the responsible colleague can initiate the repair.

Hafen & Hof scannt Timly-Code
Timly enables simple and efficient execution of actions on the inventory – also mobile

Mainly Used:

Timly at Hafen & Hof 2

Assign assets

Inventory is assigned to different employees, rooms, boats, warehouses or containers. Thanks to the check-in/check-out function, everything is historically traceable.
Timly at Hafen & Hof 3

Document management

From inspection or maintenance reports to boat papers and cleaning instructions – at Hafen & Hof they can find everything quickly and easily in the Timly app.

Result: Inventory Software Efficiently Provides Clarity for Inventory, Consumables and Maintenance

Thanks to Timly, everyone at the Hafen & Hof business location in Berlin now knows how to help themselves – the digital facility manager, caretaker and ticket system in one. Whether cook, fleet manager or harbour master, everyone can use their smartphone to quickly get the information they need.
Hafen und Hof in Berlin
From boat hire to the restaurant, Hafen & Hof has its entire inventory in view with Timly

“We have set up entire workflows on what to do if something goes wrong or where to reorder something or who is the right contact person internally. Since then, there are no more annoying circular emails with questions like ‘Who can help?”

Matthias Prillwitz (Project Manager at Hafen & Hof Berlin)

From barbecues and refrigerators, to cleaning agents, cooking aprons and other consumables, to plants, lights, workwear and boats – everything is managed in the Timly inventory software. Reorders and maintenance are easily planned and coordinated via the app. As a result, the project manager Matthias Prillwitz has far fewer enquiries and the staff can clarify any questions that arise independently.

“It is simply a great relief for everyone if special knowledge does not lie with individual actors. Yes, even today I occasionally receive messages like ‘Do you know how this was or where that is?’ – in 99 % of the cases my answer is: Yes, but Timly knows it too.”

Timly has become the number one knowledge platform at Hafen & Hof in Berlin. Employees access it conveniently with their smartphones and always have all information immediately available – wherever the inventory is located. Digital inventory management thus saves time and costs and simplifies internal processes.

Image rights: ©Hafen & Hof Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG


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