The Advantages of Inspection Software for Better Service Management

Timly inspection software used in a company

Inspection software supports companies in the maintenance of equipment, machines and devices

Why Switch to Inspection Software When You Have Excel?

Inspection software can help companies with a problem that recurs regularly: equipment, devices, machines and vehicle fleets need to be maintained and inspected. This has to be organised in a safe and thoughtful way with the help of inspection templates and inspection reports. However, the larger the company, the less suitable maintenance-intensive Excel spreadsheets are and the higher the service management effort becomes.

If mistakes are made, legal regulations may no longer be complied with. In the worst case, important machines may no longer be used because an inspection was forgotten or incorrectly documented. Those who manage the areas of maintenance and repair inadequately also risk the failure of equipment or vehicles. To avoid unnecessary fines or costs due to defects, the implementation of professional maintenance software is very helpful. Read about the advantages of software-based maintenance planning on this page.

The Maintenance Planner for Safety Inspections

Deadline management for electrical inspections or ladder inspections play an important role in many companies. The Timly maintenance planner reminds you in good time of upcoming inspection dates. It also automatically draws attention to upcoming safety inspections and the terms of service and insurance contracts. As a maintenance management system, Timly has several practical functions from the area of preventive maintenance.

In order to comply with the legal requirements for inspecting your inventory (machinery, equipment, vehicles or plants), questions like these should be able to be answered at any time:

Which device must be tested and when?

Who is eligible to conduct this test?

Where can I find checklists and important information?

How is the test recorded and documented?

As an established inventory software, Timly has a user interface and an underlying database that provides quick and uncomplicated answers. Data collection with mobile devices become possible with the scan of a QR code, which is attached to the respective device via a label. You can scan it with the Timly app using your company phone or tablet. You receive data on the service status of the device directly on your screen and can enter changes if necessary.

An example of inspection dates and documents that can be managed in the Timly maintenance software is the ladder inspection. The regular inspection of ladders and steps according to criteria to increase safety is very important for your employees. Therefore, no appointment for the inspection should be missed, which consists of a visual and a functional inspection.

With software-supported service management, you simplify the reliable use of safe work equipment. Maintenance software treats inspections as a service to be documented by external service providers. In this way, compliance with UK regulations can be easily verified.

It goes without saying that employees, customers and guests should be protected from the dangers that electrical systems and equipment can pose. Therefore, the testing of portable electrical equipment and devices is required by law. In order to store the resulting inspection records, it is advisable to use comprehensive maintenance software that provides additional useful information on each inventory object.

The Timly tool management software in use on the large construction site “Zukunft Bahnhof Bern” 🚧 ⛓ 🛠

Inspection software in use on mobile devices

Timly’s Maintenance Planner Covers Both Equipment and Large Machines and Systems


Efficient Machine Maintenance Thanks to Modern Inspection Software

Software-supported service management makes it possible to carry out maintenance and services more efficiently. On the one hand, planning becomes easier and it is clearer who is allowed to carry out the inspection, on the other hand, service partners can be informed more easily: In the maintenance software, suitable service contacts can be stored for each object or inventory category. In this way, employees can immediately find the right contact person – not only for regular maintenance, but also if a repair is needed out of turn.

In such cases, defects and damage are documented directly in the maintenance software. The person who notices the defect can immediately record and transmit it via QR code scan. This way, colleagues quickly receive the information that a system is no longer usable.

Cloud-based inspection software such as Timly is not only suitable for large companies in which employees have to communicate with each other across several buildings or even locations. The device-independent recording of device data generally ensures less redundancy and more clarity in all departments.

Time for communication and searching for paper folders or lists is eliminated. At the same time, efficient use of resources has a favourable effect on the company budget. The simpler documentation of defects and the active reminder of inspection dates and expiring deadlines ensure that the functionality of the machines, vehicles and equipment is maintained for longer.

For a clear insight into the quality characteristics of your inventory, Timly can also create interesting evaluations (inventory management software). These show the performance and damage of your equipment, tools and company objects in a historically comprehensible way. The information that our maintenance software can collect regarding performed services is also interesting from an accounting point of view.

After some time, it is possible to see which equipment or vehicles require which maintenance. Employees document directly in the Timly app or in the browser version which operating times, cost invoices, material costs and more are associated with the respective inventory object.

Over 250 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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Inspection Software for Easier Maintenance

The benefits of software-based service management include:

  • The extended useful life of vehicles, tools and other inventory items
  • The improved availability of company inventory
  • Reduction of liability and indemnity risks
  • The increase of personnel efficiency and the efficient use of resources
Ladder inspection with Timly's inspection software

Inspection software informs you which employee can carry out which maintenance tasks

To reduce maintenance costs, it makes sense to use maintenance software with a wide range of functions. Through stringent documentation and maintenance planning, it is ultimately possible to react more quickly to unforeseen events. Contact details of service providers are quickly at hand and information on equipment and its latest inspections can be easily transmitted.

After you have digitised your equipment, machines and devices with Timly, you benefit from functions for efficient deadline, maintenance and performance management. This allows you to centrally record performance data and monitor locations of moving equipment. Thanks to the maintenance planning and inventory software, you always know who is currently using which device and in what condition it is. A bonus is the possibility to make user manuals available digitally and mobile.

Ideally, an employee scans the QR code on the device or tool and sees in the Timly app when it was purchased, last checked or repaired. The digital instructions are in the database entry. The employee simply enters his or her device usage so that colleagues know where the device is currently located and that it is in use. If a defect occurs, the employee can report it directly in the app and, if necessary, order a service appointment.

In order to prevent damage from occurring unnecessarily often, authorised persons receive notifications directly from the maintenance software about upcoming deadlines and appointments for inventory items such as machines, equipment, tools and vehicles. This means that safety inspections can be planned in a relaxed manner, carried out well prepared and documented correctly. Thanks to software-supported service management, all maintenance obligations can be fulfilled safely and promptly.

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Does Your Company Already Benefit From Maintenance Management?


Manage Your Assets Intuitively

Our inventory software offers you a wide range of sophisticated functions. This way, your inventory is digitalised easily and reliably.

Manage All Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, vehicle fleet, furniture or contracts: everything in Timly.

Mobile Available Everywhere

Localise your assets with the integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets.

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, projects, rooms, locations or external service providers.


Digital File Management

Digitally store important information, files, documents, audit trails & contacts for your assets.

GPS Recording

Save the exact GPS location of your assets with one scan. All GPS data historically verifiable.

Maintenance Management

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the asset location, as well as deadline management.

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