Asset Software in Use at ARGE – the Large Construction Site “Train Station Bern”

The Bernese newspaper calls it the construction site of the century. It refers to the construction project at Bern’s main railway station, in which an additional underground level with four tracks and a subway for the existing tracks will be created during ongoing operations.

Looking at the facts, one quickly comes to the conclusion that the responsible editor of the newspaper is not exaggerating: Planned costs of 600 million Swiss francs, 12 years construction time, creation of a double-track tunnel with a length of about 1 kilometre and the execution by a consortium (ARGE), with the participation of the major companies Kibag, Wirz, Walo and Kästli, are only some of the key points of the mammoth project.

A look at experiences with comparable projects shows that it is not a matter of course that the construction progress is within the time schedule and the pre-planned costs. This requires perfect organisation, in which many small cogwheels must mesh. One of these proverbial cogs concerns the cooperation of hundreds of construction workers and the management of their materials.

The constant availability and functionality of machines and tools are an essential basic requirement. The executing consortium uses software from Timly for the inventory. In the following, we would like to show how the asset software can be used to optimise processes and save costs on a large construction site.

Asset Software From Timly Supports All Assets

The asset software from Timly is cloud-based. Compared to an on-premise solution, the ARGE does not have the administration effort for its own servers. The administration and processing of the data takes place on appropriately secured Timly servers, which comply with the strict data protection regulations of the EU. Access is possible for authorised persons from almost any end device.

Countless workers from various companies are at work every day at the large construction site in Bern. Flexible user management in the asset software allows for fine-grained allocation of necessary rights and the creation of different roles, such as that of the dispatcher or a simple user of tools.

Tools and machines can then be assigned to a user or specific construction sections by means of a simple QR code scan. It is also possible to record the location via GPS signal.

In this way, it is easy to keep track of tools and consumables, even on a large construction site such as the Bern railway station, with cooperating construction companies and subcontractors.

A barcode scanner is integrated in the Timly app. This makes it possible to transfer tools flexibly between employees. Personal responsibility for handed-over machines that can be tracked in this way often leads to more careful handling.

The Timly asset software in use on the large construction site “Zukunft Bahnhof Bern” 🚧 ⛓ 🛠

Asset software on a smartphone

The Digital Equipment Management Solution for Construction & Trade


It is also possible to rent out machines in an uncomplicated way. There is both proof of takeover and handover, as well as minute-by-minute recording of the duration of use and performance data. On this basis, the participating companies of the consortium write each other invoices for loaned material – virtually error-free. This ensures more flexibility and the reduction of unnecessary redundancies.

By creating a tool and machine pool, all companies involved in the construction site ultimately save time and money. The loss of work equipment can be minimised with an asset management tool. It is also easy for workers to report damage or malfunctions, simply by using their smartphone and precisely at the location of the equipment. With Timly you can manage and track asset data, physical assets, fixed assets simply via mobile app – in real time.

In practice, this is often not done out of malicious intent, but because the associated administrative effort is shied away from. Especially on large construction sites, there is often time pressure and broken machines and equipment are often put aside for later repair, but then forgotten. With a simple QR code scan and the “Report defect” function, this problem is a thing of the past.

Asset Software in Use at ARGE - The Large Construction Site “Train Station Bern” 5
10 - Daniel Schmid EN 1

Through the documentation in the Timly tool tracking software, we manage to see exactly which company has used which machine and for how long, and can then invoice this. This allows us to work more cost-efficiently.

Daniel Schmid
Construction Foreman

Asset Software Comparison: Which Functions Should Be Included?

ARGE chose software from Timly as their asset management software. One reason was the required range of functions (e.g. tracking assets via mobile devices) offered by the software compared to other solutions. To decide whether an inventory should be carried out software-based, the most important comparative features must be taken into account:

Network capability:

The software must be easily accessible from different locations via an internet connection. An additional infrastructure for this could only be set up at such an extensive construction site with considerable effort.

Multi-user capability | Role concept:

It should be possible for a large number of employees to access the data or files at the same time. In addition, it must be possible to distribute rights according to the role of an employee.

Comprehensive recording of different assets:

It must be possible to record a wide variety of elements, from machines to software. This is made possible by standardised barcodes / QR codes on the inventory.

Easy access:

Smartphones and laptops have become a matter of course on construction sites. Both are suitable for operating the software. With the barcode scanner integrated in the Timly app, the return and return of equipment can be recorded quickly and easily.

Powerful support:

If ambiguities or problems arise, permanently available support that reacts at short notice is of enormous importance. Failures of software that is needed for the infrastructure are not only annoying, but also associated with delays and costs in the worst case.

Over 250 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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IT Inventory: Hardware Inventory and Capturing Information On Site

Construction sites of the size of the Bern railway station project now function digitally. On such large construction sites, it is a challenge to keep track of the inventory in use, such as tools, equipment and machines, as well as the vehicle fleet, hardware and installed software. In addition to the hardware and software inventory, there are also various accessories, such as scanners, printers and special devices.

Licensed software can also be used for planning and processing operations in everyday use, where runtimes and licence extensions play a role. Compared to manual recording, there are several advantages to using software for deadline management of all kinds (for inventory). This gives you a central overview of your licences.

Deadline and maintenance planners integrated into the asset software relieve on-site staff and avoid downtimes due to software assets, hardware or machines that are no longer running, as maintenance and services can be better planned and deadlines can be kept in mind.

At the Bern railway station construction site, responsible persons such as foreman Daniel Schmid can find out at any time, at a glance in the Timly dashboard, when which equipment needs to be serviced or which deadlines need to be observed.

Timly Asset Management Software GDPR
Timly Asset Management Software Secure Hosting
Timly Asset Management Software SSL Encrypted

Inventory of Tools and Equipment: Down to the Last Detail

Professional inventory software like Timly takes a comprehensive approach to inventorying equipment. All important details can be recorded.

This includes data sheets of machines or hardware as well as operating hours or mileage of vehicles. Materials can be assigned to employees permanently or temporarily.

How does asset software work on a smartphone

Access all information with just one scan

The GPS recording provides a complete overview of which equipment is currently available at which location and whether it is currently in use. Those responsible have the possibility to make a wide variety of queries and in this way to plan and schedule more effectively. Ultimately, complete lifetime management is possible if the inventory is software-based from the outset.

With the expected duration of a project such as the extension of the Bern railway station, it can be assumed that tools and machines, as well as IT assets, will have to be maintained or even replaced more often during the construction period. Therefore, an intelligent, software-based tool management is the obvious choice.

Explore Our Simple Tool Management System


Use Asset Software With Barcode Scanner

The tools, equipment and machines to be recorded can be marked with a space-saving QR code as an individual feature. Afterwards, easy access to the data record is possible via barcode scanner. Any commercially available smartphone is suitable for this purpose, as the integrated QR code scanner can be accessed via the web-based app under both iOS and Android.

If a tool is issued by a foreman, it can be assigned to the corresponding employee when it is handed over – even with location recording. This information is stored for all assets and can thus be historically tracked. Employees also have the permanent option of accessing or adding information from the inventory list.

Professional Asset Software Contributes to the Success of Large Projects

Planning and coordination of a large construction site are essential for success. If the work on one trade stalls, this often has an impact on subsequent construction phases. This causes delays and increasing costs for the project. We recommend that you use highly specialised software as a tool for such projects.

Ideally, you should use Timly software for the inventory, which has already proven itself on large construction sites and is optimised for the work processes there. This is how asset management for tool & equipment management is simple.

Asset software in use at a construction site

Control processes on the move: The Timly app is also fully usable on mobile devices

Intuitive Management of Your Inventory

Our inventory software offers you a wide range of sophisticated functions. This way, your inventory is digitalised easily and reliably.

Manage All Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, vehicle fleet, furniture or contracts: everything in Timly.

Mobile Available Everywhere

Localise your assets with the integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets.

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, projects, rooms, locations or external service providers.


Digital File Management

Digitally store important information, files, documents, audit trails & contacts for your assets.

GPS Recording

Save the exact GPS location of your assets with one scan. All GPS data historically verifiable.

Maintenance Management

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the asset location, as well as deadline management.

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