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Construction Inventory Management Software & System

Reduce the time spent managing your inventory by 75%. Effortlessly track all your assets with our comprehensive system. Optimizing search performance further enhances your management experience.

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Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Bewertungen auf Capterra für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software
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Experience How Easy It Is to Manage, Track, and Access Your Construction Inventory With a Streamlined Inventory Management Software

Locate assets and simplify their assignment. Tracking assets is also made easier by connecting them to specific employees, which also boosts accountability and safety, leveraging document management and electronic signatures. With Timly you can delegate tasks to staff, other departments, or external service providers. You can allocate resources more effectively and track past activities.

Timly’s construction inventory management software provides your users with secure access. Some of the benefits of Timly include maintenance planning, insights into asset performance, and ensuring compliance with regulations. The location of items is also tracked through RFID labels and GPS tracking.

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Monitor Your Construction Site Assets

A Complete Solution Offering a Comprehensive Overview

You can keep track of all your assets with the help of Timly's construction inventory management software. The most recent whereabouts, current state, and maintenance history of each item are all viewable. Since all the data is saved and accessible in one location, you can oversee and manage your fleet of assets from anywhere in the world.

Information is better protected when stored centrally rather than locally. You can find out who accessed the data, when, and which assets were transferred.

Scan All Your Construction Tools With the Timly Barcode Scanner

Manually cataloging and auditing your assets is a thing of the past. You can quickly and easily scan your tools and update them in the system with Timly's powerful barcode scanner. You can obtain a wealth of information on each asset, including its location, current status when it was last serviced, and more, just by scanning its barcode.

Your business can improve its construction inventory management by tracking when assets were checked in and out, where they were last seen, and to whom they were assigned.

Simple Retrieval of On-Site Tools

It's easier to retrieve assets when you use Timly's asset management system. Users can easily determine the asset's most recent location and retrieve it using the state-of-the-art capability. Moreover, the software has search features that allow staff to find items based on attributes like name, category, location, or assigned user.

This saves time for the company by making it easier to recover assets. Furthermore, by verifying their locations, you can reduce the likelihood of losing or misplacing your possessions. Thus, with Timly's construction inventory management software, you can access your assets from anywhere, anytime, ensuring flexibility when it comes to retrieving them.

Simple Method for Keeping Track of Your Construction Items

For a comprehensive platform that allows you to preview asset data, look no further than Timly. You can enter and store your asset information with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our software can allocate a wide range of information, such as descriptions, specs, and maintenance logs. So, no matter where you are on this planet, you will never have any trouble accessing or editing your inventory data. All you need is just your phone and an internet connection.

If you want to ensure that your assets can be identified and monitored, Timly offers a variety of labelling choices. For the business, this means more precision and productivity. All things considered, Timly's construction inventory management software and its cutting-edge technology make it easy to document asset information. Not only will this keep your company's asset information safe, but it will also centralize all of your records.

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Over 500 Companies, Schools and Cities Rely on Timly

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The Timly asset tracking software in use on one of the largest construction sites in Switzerland
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How Timly’s Customers Optimize Processes With Construction Inventory Management Software

Manage and monitor the whereabouts of your tools with the help of Timly’s inventory management software.

IT Assets & Furniture
Tool Tracking
Maintenance Management
Stock Management
GPS Tracking
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Optimized Device Management With Innovative Self-Inventory

SodaStream is the world market leader for water sparkling systems for domestic use and has a lot of IT equipment at its various locations. Many colleagues now work from their home offices. A digital solution for the efficient management of IT end devices became necessary...

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Manage Video Equipment Efficiently Without Much Effort

The Hamburg media company always does outstanding journalistic work and is characterized by independent reporting. In order to maintain journalistic quality, the teams work with highly specialized devices – these need to be managed efficiently...

Construction Inventory Management Software 57

Smart City Asset Management – Timly in Use at DIGOOH

The core business of DIGOOH Media GmbH in Cologne is to manage digital city light posters (DCLP) for outdoor use in various cities in Germany. The challenge here lies in making the client’s communication message always available at the right time, in the right place...

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Timly - a flexible asset tracking solution for FlexOffice

23,703 m2 where everything aligns for optimal work. The task was to find a software solution that could support FlexOffice in the logistical management of equipment and furniture, and that could evolve and adapt to the pace of the Swiss startup’s growth...

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Access Asset Records Online and Upload Them From Any Device

You can access and upload asset information from anywhere and at any time with Timly’s user-friendly construction inventory management software.

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Timly Can Help Streamline Your Inventory Information

You can manage and facilitate all kinds of assets using Timly’s comprehensive construction inventory management software. This includes items such as tools, trucks, machinery, and equipment. Efficient asset tracking, maintenance logs, performance insights, and compliance monitoring are all accessible. For seamless asset management, Timly provides a centralized platform. This feature minimizes the need for manual updates, thus helping users optimize resource utilization and enhance operational efficiency.

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Keep Track of Your Items’ Last Known Location

Timly provides user-friendly and powerful asset-tracking features. You can track your asset’s last known location, current status, upcoming maintenance, and past performance. Additionally, staff can assign, check-in, and check-out items to ensure optimal utilization and minimize loss. Our real-time tracking feature enables clients to manage processes, simplify equipment, and reduce outages effortlessly.

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Planned Maintenance

Monitor and schedule your assets for maintenance with Timly. Doing so reduces equipment downtime and improves maintenance. This helps workers enhance asset reliability and extend asset lifespan through maintenance scheduling and reminders.

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Document Management

Our construction inventory management software provides comprehensive document management. Thus, staffs will be able to manage documents and files such as maintenance records, invoices, and instructions on managing assets all in our one-stop platform.

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Timly Asset Management Software GDPR
Timly Asset Management Software Secure Hosting
Timly Asset Management Software SSL Encrypted

A Simple Solution for Managing Construction Inventory

Empower your team with Timly’s robust and user-friendly inventory management software. Simplify the tracking and organization of your construction machinery, equipment and tools, ensuring efficient project management and seamless task execution

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Effortlessly Monitor and Manage Your Assets

The platform allows you to manage, search, and track your assets all in one place. Heavy machinery, materials, and vehicles are all examples of what might be considered assets.

Timly Asset planning

Effortlessly Capture Asset Details with Timly Barcode Scanning

Timly’s barcode scanning feature simplifies asset recording, ensuring seamless integration with your inventory system.

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Track the Efficiency of Assets

Keeping track of how often an item is used can help you monitor its performance. The asset’s document history is also available for evaluation. Additionally, data on asset consumption can be reviewed to evaluate asset efficiency.

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Enhance Asset Lifecycle and Performance

By scheduling preventive maintenance, you can extend your assets’ lifecycle and optimize their performance. Keep a digital maintenance history online to monitor asset conditions and upkeep deadlines.

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Monitor Assets in Real-Time

You can find out where an object was last seen with the help of Timly’s inventory management software.

Timly Asset planning


Leverage Timly’s comprehensive inventory management system to instill confidence in stakeholders, fostering better accountability, and enabling informed decision-making.


Smart, intuitive software

Other solutions

E.g. Excel, manual lists, etc.


Access to Data

Change History

Data Protection

Asset Images

Scanning Capabilities

Deadline Management



Smart, intuitive software


Instantly available (all devices)

Complete history of changes

Fully GDPR compliant

Easily attached to items and displayed

Integrated barcode scanner saves 90% time

Automated deadline management for assets


Other solutions

Eg. Excel, manual lists, etc.


Not available across devices

No change history available

Data storage not GDPR compliant

Displaying asset images problematic

No integrated scanner

Not available

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Reduce Waste and Save Money With Timly

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for Timly’s inventory software to see how much you can save using Timly’s inventory software.

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