The inventory management software with added value

Digitise the assets in your company and create complete transparency. The Timly inventory management software reduces your administrative effort and saves costs effectively.

The 360° overview of your assets

Companies from various industries already rely on Timly. Start managing your company’s assets quickly and efficiently with cloud-based inventory management software. With Timly, you can easily gain a centralized overview of your company’s assets, reducing material loss and search costs.
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Inventarverwaltung Software Euromaster Logo
Inventarverwaltung Software Cornelsen Logo
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A diversity of use cases

Timly is already in use in many different industries. We offer an optimal use case for your specific industry.
Die Timly Inventarisierungssoftware im Einsatz bei Bau & Handwerk


In the construction industry, especially large and valuable assets are moved back and forth from warehouse to construction site(s).

Bild zeigt die Timly Inventarisierungssoftware in der Anwendung in Handel & Industrie

Trade & Services

Manage assets smoothly across your offices and different locations.

Timly Inventarisierungssoftware wird in der öffentlichen Verwaltung angewendet

Public Administration

The entire assets of an educational institution can be recorded and managed effectively with Timly.
Bild zeigt Inventarisierungssoftware angewendet in der Gesundheitsbranche


Medical facilities have many valuable assets such as electronic equipment, machinery and IT assets.
Visualisierung der Timly Inventarisierungssoftware in der Transport & Logistik Branche

Transport & Logistics

Simply master the challenges of complex logistics and transport processes more efficiently.

Inventarisierungssoftware in der Anwendung im Nah- & Fernverkehr

Local & long-distance transport

The device management, as well as optimised maintenance & service management, ensures more operability & efficiency.
Die Timly Inventarisierungssoftware angezeigt auf verschiedenen mobilen Geraeten

The inventory management software that works regardless of the industry

Timly adapts optimally to your working environment and can be used flexibly – numerous examples from different sectors confirm this: It doesn’t matter whether it’s construction & crafts, trade, industry and service companies, or stakeholders in public administration.

We have developed the Timly inventory management software as the perfect companion for your day-to-day business, which works regardless of the type and size of your company. Timly provides clarity in real time!

Deadlines, services and performance of your inventory always in sight

The integrated maintenance planner allows one thing above all: Your compliance!

Timly supports you in keeping an eye on regular and irregular occurrences, such as defects & deficiencies or maintenance & repairs. To ensure the functionality of your assets and compliance with legal regulations, the Timly maintenance planner will notify you in time.

The use of our inventory management software saves important resources in your company from day one. Enjoy a complete administrative overview with the Timly dashboard. Ready to get started with Timly’s inventory management software?

Bildschirm mit angewendeter Inventarisierungssoftware

Start now with the Timly inventory management software

Many satisfied customers from various industries


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Westenergie als Kunde der Timly Inventarverwaltung Software
1 - Stefan Träger EN 1

Great praise to you and the Timly team. We all really enjoy working with Timly and we will certainly introduce your tool within other areas of our company.

Stefan Träger
Timly Inventarverwaltung Software Kunden - Sodastream
1 - Stefan Träger EN 2

Our IT asset management now works completely unproblematic with Timly. Previously, we had relied on the usual way, but it was easy to lose track of everything. The digitalisation of the processes with the Timly software brings real added value and minimises the administrative effort.

Murat Tulgar
IT Manager
Lang Bauunternehmung ist Kunde der Timly Inventarverwaltung Software
1 - Stefan Träger EN 3

So far we have only had good experiences. We have already activated Timly for about 90 of the 250 planned technicians, and there have been no problems whatsoever. Requests for minor (display) errors were dealt with quickly. On the part of our technicians, the go-live and also the introductory phase went very smoothly. The feedback was that everything was self-explanatory after about one hour of training.

Sascha Gusenbauer
Team Leader Disposition Assembly

The inventory management software for your success

Inventarisierungssoftware ermöglicht zentrale Inventarverwaltung

Central inventory management

Collect data in a decentralised manner for a central overview in the Timly inventory management software.

Inventarisierungssoftware individuell eingerichtet

Individual setup

The Timly software can be flexibly adjusted and adapted to your needs. In just a few steps you are ready to go.

Inventarisierungssoftware mobil verfügbar Illustration

Mobile access from anywhere

The mobile data collection makes gathering insights possible everywhere, exactly where your items are located.

Illustration zeigt Inventar zuweisen in Inventarisierungssoftware

Assign assets

Easy check-in | Check out on staff, locations, rooms and more. Historically traceable.

Barcode Scanner in der Inventarisierungssoftware

Integrated barcode scanner

Access and store data with your existing devices (no additional hardware needed). The barcode scanner links your physical items with the digital world.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 5

Plan maintenance

The integrated maintenance planner enables you to you check the condition of your devices and machines at all times. Learn more

1 - Stefan Träger EN 6

Service management

Perform services on your equipment more easily and document procedures. Digital filing makes it possible.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 7

Ensure compliance

Use our data-driven solution to make smarter decisions and ensure compliance with insurance and regulatory requirements.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 8

Disposition of assets

Reserve and schedule assets to your employees, external service providers, locations, or departments.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 9

Track defects

Get information about incidents that can affect the performance of your equipment quickly, at any time and from anywhere.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 10

Document management

Manage files such as invoices, instructions and inspection records for each item easily online in the inventory management software.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 11

User administration

Define yourself which employees should have access to your assets or functions in Timly.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 12

IT-licenses & contracts

In addition to classic IT equipment, Timly also manages virtual assets such as software licences and contracts for you.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 13

Data and performance recording

Record the usage and performance data of your equipment, machines and vehicles and gain insights into optimisation potential.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 14

Record GPS locations

Record GPS coordinates from mobile devices whenever an item is scanned via the Timly inventory management software.

1 - Stefan Träger EN 15

Interfaces available

Would you like to connect data from your existing IT infrastructure? We make it possible.

Transparent prices & services

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