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Orbit Bound Together: Timly Reaches the Stars with Isar Aerospace

Munich-based Isar Aerospace is on a mission: to revolutionize space travel by making it more affordable and accessible. In this feature we cover why effective inventory and materials management was crucial for Isar Aerospace and how Timly has been a trusted partner since 2022,  supporting its endeavors  with a powerful and highly customizable cloud inventory management solution.

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Isar Aerospace

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The Challenge: Lost in Inventory

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 Isar Aerospace switched to digital inventory managed with Timly in 2022

As a rapidly growing enterprise with over 400 employees across three locations, Isar Aerospace’s Testing Department faced an increasingly daunting task: how to maintain a comprehensive overview of all inventory and materials. Countless components were going untracked, leading to their mismanagement, which in turn would cause delays and unnecessary extra work.

Attempts to tackle this issue with Excel spreadsheets fell short. The lists were either not updated regularly and consistently, or became too complex to handle. Moreover, nearly every department was having to manage multiple, unwieldy spreadsheets.

The lack of a clear overview of inventory wasn’t just a headache for the Testing team, but also for other teams at Isar Aerospace, particularly the Procurement team. They needed a smart solution to organize the growing stockpile of inventory in an efficient and intuitive manner.

The Solution: An New Inventory Management Process

Thanks to the Timly software’s versatile functionality, a brand-new workflow was devised and seamlessly integrated into our daily warehouse management routine. Now, employees can easily search for specific items using the Timly Inventory App and, if they’re available, reserve them instantly.

The advanced features of the software allowed for the creation of an entirely new workflow, seamlessly integrated into the daily warehouse management routine. Now, employees can easily search for specific items in the Timly Inventory App, check if they’re available and reserve them.

A warehouse staff member then prepares the items and logs the transaction in the app. The employee simply needs to pick up the items and confirm receipt— a process made straightforward within the app.

This streamlined workflow significantly boosts efficiency and provides greater visibility across the warehouse and other departments. To empower every employee to check current stock levels, schedule maintenance, and view deadlines, everyone can be given direct access to the app’s intuitive maintenance scheduler.

By setting a minimum stock level, the Procurement team can ensure that a certain quantity of each item is always in stock. This is managed through the app’s automatic notification system, which keeps designated staff informed about inventory levels in real time. They can then promptly place new orders, preventing over- or understocking of inventory.

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The Spectrum Rocket: Launching Satellites into Space

Most Used Features & Functions:

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Scheduling Maintenance

With the ability to maintain a consolidated overview of processes in service and warehouse management, maintenance is planned, executed and recorded. 

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Allocating Inventory

Inventory can be assigned to employees, warehouses or containers. Everything is trackable over time thanks to the check-in/check-out function.

The Result: Efficiencies and Optimization with a Centralized System

The implementation of Timly as an interface for all departments within Isar Aerospace – Supply Chain Management, Testing, Production, Finance, etc. – provides a centralized overview of materials and inventory levels.

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Carrier rocket during separation

This saves time, effort and ultimately money. Moreover, the Timly solution can also be used to support financial audits, as all assets and items can be catalogued and categorised by cost.

In the long term, Isar Aerospace wants to be able to use the app for tracking and managing many more things. At present, the company still uses other systems for specific processes, however, in the future they may also be replaced with Timly.

Timly’s Inventory Management Software offers enormous potential – and the possible uses are endless. We are delighted to support Isar Aerospace in its mission and wish the company every success on its journey into orbit.

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