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How to Optimise and Manage IT Assets

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Angezeigte Bewertungen bei Google für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


Proven Expert Bewertungen für die Timly Inventarverwaltung Software


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What is IT Asset Management?

How you manage IT assets in your business can make all the difference to your operational efficiency. IT Asset Management involves the monitoring and maintenance of IT resources and is essential not only for ensuring the smooth running of things but also for data security in your company. In this article, we will look at key considerations including software solutions for managing your IT assets effectively and how you can optimise the utilisation and ROI of your resources to improve the overall productivity of your organisation – whether you are a small company, a large construction firm, a healthcare provider, a school, or a public sector entity.

Why is it important to optimise IT resources in your business?

Managing IT assets, also known as IT Asset Management, involves monitoring and managing all of a company’s IT resources. This process includes tracking, updating, and maintaining a variety of components, including computers, servers, software, applications, and network peripherals. Another important aspect of managing IT assets is strategic planning, which assists in foreseeing and planning for future IT equipment and software needs.

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How to improve your IT asset management processes?

Optimised management of IT assets is crucial for all types of organisations, irrespective of industry and size. It ensures that employees have access to reliable and efficient technological tools and assists organisations in avoiding unnecessary purchases and expenses, as well as reducing maintenance costs. In addition, effective and rigorous management of IT equipment is vital to protect sensitive data against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

IT asset management facilitates the collection of accurate data regarding the use and performance of IT assets. This information is instrumental in decision-making for future investments and strategic planning. Moreover, effective management of IT assets provides organisations with the flexibility required to swiftly adapt to new technologies.

Why cloud-based tools are the best solutions

Effective IT Asset Management starts with a comprehensive audit to identify all IT equipment, software, and peripherals. Here, specialised asset tracking software provides an ideal solution for tracking and managing IT equipment effectively. These tools offer essential features such as real-time tracking, licence management, maintenance scheduling, and report generation, which are fundamental for proactive and optimised management of IT resources.

Additionally, educating and raising employees’ awareness about the proper use of IT equipment is critical for minimising breakdowns and the risk of security breaches. Another reason in favour of implementing a cloud solution is flexible access anywhere and from any device, which comes with enhanced data safety, provided the provider uses secure, GDPR-compliant servers.

Timly’s intuitive software explained in under 2 minutes


Optimise and Manage Your IT Assets and Equipment – With Timly

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Spotlight: How soda maker giant Sodastream uses Timly

When the pandemic hit, Sodastream, a global leader in sparkling water making, realised that managing its IT assets had become increasingly challenging. Before opting for Timly, SodaStream’s IT asset management was carried out via Excel, a time-consuming and error-prone method. Now, with employees working from home and across multiple locations around the world, the need for a digital solution became apparent.

So Sodastream reached out to Timly and decided to implement our 360° asset tracking tool. With this, Sodastream was able to transform its IT Asset Management, significantly reducing the time and resources needed for IT inventory management, monitoring and maintenance.

Timly: The flexible solution for managing your IT equipment

Timly is the complete solution for effective and secure IT asset management. With its flexibility and intuitive design, it simplifies and optimises the management of IT assets, making it an indispensable tool in your digital transformation process.

Among the features and functions that make Timly stand out is:

∗ An intuitive interface and a simplified, efficient user experience
∗ A comprehensive asset management solution
∗ Real-time details on the condition, location, and important notifications regarding the maintenance of IT equipment
∗ Assignment and planning of IT assets
∗ Location and stock management with an integrated barcode scanner, accessible from any mobile device
∗ Maintenance management
∗ Digital file management

💡: If you would like to delve deeper into the importance of Maintenance Management Software (MMS) for devices and equipment, you’ll be interested to in this article which explores why the predictive maintenance market is estimated to reach USD 8.7 Billion.

Timly Asset Management Software GDPR
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Free or paid solution: Which option should you opt for? 

When it comes to choosing IT asset management software, companies often face a dilemma: should they opt for a free solution or invest in a paid option?

Free solutions offer basic functionalities, suitable for simple needs, while paid software provides advanced options such as automated management, real-time tracking, and customisation tailored to complex needs. Additionally, paid software ensures better data security, with regular updates and more comprehensive customer support, essential for quickly resolving technical issues and ensuring reliability.


Keeping an eye on your IT asset maintenance needs with the smart Timly app.

Although free software may seem the more economically viable option initially, it can lead to hidden costs and functional limitations in the medium and long term. In contrast, paid software, despite an initial cost, offers long-term benefits in terms of functionality, scalability, security, and support. Therefore, for companies with more complex requirements and who want to ensure their data is safe, paid software is the only viable long-term option.

Optimising the management of IT assets is a strategic approach that allows companies to maximise their operational efficiency and minimise risks. Using software like Timly offers a complete, secure, and scalable solution for managing IT assets. Timly, with its 360° view of IT assets, guarantees optimal and flexible management of your IT equipment.

Manage and Track all your IT Resources with Timly.

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Timly, the Complete Solution for Managing IT Resources

With Timly, managing IT assets is simple and comprehensive. A wide range of features makes our software a complete solution for managing your IT assets and optimise their performance.

Manage All Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, vehicle fleet, furniture or contracts: everything in Timly.

Mobile Available Everywhere

Localise your assets with the integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets.

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, projects, rooms, locations or external service providers.

Digital File Management

Digitally store important information, files, documents, audit trails & contacts for your assets.

GPS Recording

Save the exact GPS location of your assets with one scan. All GPS data historically verifiable.

Maintenance Management

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the asset location, as well as deadline management.

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