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Together for All Generations – Timly in the Nursing Home in Gleisdorf, Austria

A social institution has been located in Gleisdorf near Graz in Austria since as early as the 15th century. Since April 2022, Timly has now been accompanying the Gleisdorf nursing home on its way to digitalised inventory management and planning and supporting the newly formed Schillerhaus in their organisation and maintenance management.

Timly bei BPH Gleisdorf - Schillerhaus

Nursing Home Gleisdorf

Founding year

First mentioned in 15th century

Number of beds



~9 Mio. €



Number of employees



~5.000 objects

The Challenge: Personnel-Dependent Knowledge Reaches Its Limits in the Course of Company Growth

In the course of the expansion of the nursing home Gleisdorf and renaming it “Schillerhaus” – a growth from 8,000 m² to 14,000 m² – it was clear that a solution had to be found in order to no longer bundle knowledge in a personnel-dependent way.

Timly bei BPH Gleisdorf - Schillerhaus

Since April 2022, the nursing home in Gleisdorf has been digitising its growing site with Timly inventory software.

Keeping track of inventory at 14,000 m² is difficult. Especially when information, maintenance dates, defects, and washing dates are always either handwritten down or stored in the heads of the staff.

In order to support the staff more and share responsibilities fairly among them, the nursing home management quickly realised that there should be a professional, universal system. On the one hand, this system should be understandable for everyone and, on the other hand, it should be ready for use quickly. The choice quickly fell on Timly and the construction of the Schillerhaus was a clear starting signal for the large-scale roll-out of the software.

However, it should not only be possible to store inventories and equipment. Instead, a holistic solution should help to work more systematically. The goal is to display all maintenance dates, defects, cleaning cycles and more in the Timly Inventory App in the future.

A centralised overview and more efficient data maintenance should result in a better information situation and thus considerably reduce the effort and costs. In addition, a better overview should be created so that maintenance and cleaning deadlines can be met in accordance with legal requirements.

The Solution: Systematic Data Collection Provides the Necessary Overview

Complying With Legal Requirements

As the Gleisdorf nursing home is subject to many legal requirements, one of the most important factors in the introduction of Timly’s inventory app was the fact that every single asset was listed and every check noted.

To make this possible, each patient room is provided with an individual QR code so that the information regarding which assets are (supposed to be) in the room and which tasks and work result from them can always be seen by the necessary personnel.

This overview ensures that the legal requirements in the areas of emergency, fire and hygiene can be met.

The training management software can also be used to record which person has carried out or still has to carry out which action (e.g. room cleaning or material washing), so that questions regarding responsibilities and scheduling are clearly regulated and generally clarified.

Timly bei Schillerhaus BPH Gleisdorf 7

Employees can quickly view information via the QR code labels on the rooms

Manage Maintenance & Services

The Maintenance Management & Service Management module in Timly allows future repairs to be managed more efficiently. The integrated deadline planner makes it possible to keep track of the necessary safety checks and maintenance of the numerous devices and machines in a central location. Here, a differentiation is made between time-dependent and time-independent deadlines, such as weekly, monthly and quarterly deadlines.

On the one hand, this helps in terms of the compliance factor, and on the other hand, it also gives indications of vulnerabilities and problems of assets, so that better planning and more professional budgeting is possible.

Damage reports to the technical team are to be automated, so that shorter paths are created and faster decisions can be made.

Timly bei BPH Gleisdorf AT Maschine 1
Timly im BPH Gleisdorf AT Maschine 2

Keeping Track of Inventory Made Easy

Added to this is efficient working capital management. Here, too, the factor of planning security and planning possibilities is in the foreground. The digitalisation of equipment management ensures that neither too much nor too little inventory is purchased, which in turn has a positive effect on the company’s figures.

Mainly used:

Timly at NH Gleisdorf 1

Maintenance Planning

Through the centralised overview of processes in the service management, legal requirements can be met.

Timly at NH Gleisdorf 2

Defects Tracking

The employees report defects as soon as they occur. This way, the technical team is informed directly and can intervene.

Thomas Weiss - BPH Gleisdorf

“Timly has proven to be a very reliable and flexible partner in all areas. Concerns and wishes are always dealt with and implemented directly.”

(Home Director Thomas Weiß, BA MA M.Ed.)

Result: Vision of the Perfect Planning Options

Due to the new building, the renaming of the new Schillerhaus, and the resulting increase in the total area, some organisational problems arose that are already being solved with the Timly software and will continue to be solved more and more by expanding the implementation.

Timly bei Schillerhaus BPH Gleisdorf 1

Full implementation of the Timly software in the newly built Schillerhaus is planned to be completed by the end of 2023

The fact that the Schillerhaus combines a day care centre as well as a day care for adults and an all-day care facility drastically increases the purpose of the Timly Inventory App.

In the long term, the app will be used to record operating materials such as disposable gloves and hygiene articles, as well as maintenance dates and service requirements. The digital inventory management with Timly is to be fully implemented in the course of the year.

The nursing home is even planning on hiring a specific employee in the administration for this implementation.

The potential of the Timly asset management software is huge – so are the application possibilities. The Gleisdorf District Nursing Home is looking forward to tracking all information, appointments and inventories with Timly next year and thus gaining a better overview of costs, resources and efforts.

We are happy to accompany the BPH on its way to digitalisation and remain in close contact so that we can provide direct support in case of questions or comments.

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