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Digital Tool Management Timly Optimises Processes at Schwizer Haustechnik AG

Schwizer Haustechnik AG – a leading company in the bathroom, sanitation, heating and ventilation sector – is there for its customers at 4 locations in Switzerland (Gossau, St.Gallen, Rickenbach-Wil and Herisau). When it comes to renovations and new builds, around 60 employees take care of the realisation of dream bathrooms and offer all the building services from a single source.

It’s no wonder that managing the amount of equipment in the enterprise is a challenge. A digital solution was needed…

The Timly inventory software for construction & craftsmanship in action at Schwizer Haustechnik AG 🔧 🛁 🚿

Schwizer Haustechnik AG

Founding year





Bathroom & Sanitary


~1,000 objects

The Challenge: Managing the Assignment and Issue of Devices Digitally and Traceably

Timly bei Schwizer Haustechnik AG in Gossau
Schwizer Haustechnik AG has been managing its work equipment and vehicles with the Timly inventory software since mid-2021

The management of the work equipment is an important issue because of the different locations and the number of employees. In 2021, the company decided to modernise and optimise these processes. The result: Schwizer Haustechnik AG now manages its equipment with Timly in order to save time and money and to maintain an overview.

Previously, there was no digital recording of machines, tools and vehicles at Schwizer Haustechnik. Magnets were pushed back and forth by hand on a printed list in the tool cabinet door. This served to allocate the equipment to the individual employees. Every now and then a magnet fell down and nobody knew where the devices were anymore. – A very unpleasant and time-consuming problem.

Outdated processes therefore had to be replaced in order to simplify inventory and simplify daily workflows, such as the issuing of devices. A digital, contemporary method of inventory management should accomplish this. The decision quickly fell on Timly’s inventory software.

“Timly convinced us from the start.”
Nathan Meyer (warehouse coordination & workshop)

The Solution: Mobile Digital Device Management With a Defect Reporting System

Reliable App for Central & Mobile Device Management

What was and is important for Schwizer Haustechnik AG – compared to the previous magnet system – is reliability and that all information about the devices is stored centrally. With the Timly Inventory App, the relevant data can now be conveniently accessed from anywhere using a smartphone. Employees access the database while on the go and look for a specific device. Or they scan an existing machine directly with their QR code scanner on their cell phone.

The availability of a work equipment can thus be checked quickly. It is then reserved or handed out to the respective employee in an uncomplicated manner. Each device issue is historically documented, as are any defects or maintenance that have occurred in the Maintenance Planner.

Who has the desired device, what condition is it in and where did they take it? – With Timly, the warehouse coordinator, Mr. Nathan Mayer, always has an exact overview and a detailed depiction of all inventory processes.

Werkzeuge verwalten in Timly - Schwizer Haustechnik AG
Just one scan and everything is documented in Timly

Capture Vehicles Digitally

Work vehicles and company cars are also tracked at Schwizer Haustechnik AG. Here, the condition is recorded as well as the employees who use the vehicle. The company currently has around 50 vehicles stored in Timly, giving it a complete overview at all times.

Assignment of User Roles & Rights

The Timly Inventory software makes it easy to define who is responsible for what, or who can see what information. This is also an important function for Schwizer Haustechnik AG. Everyone only sees what they need and the distribution of tasks is also clearly regulated.

Mainly Used:

Timly at Schwizer Haustechnik 2

Mobile available everywhere

One of the most important things for Schwizer Haustechnik AG is mobile access via smartphone. This means that every employee always has the information about the equipment at hand.
Timly at Schwizer Haustechnik 3

Track defects

Defects are now recorded very easily: With just one scan and one click, the damage is documented directly (with photos and description) in the app. The assigned employee is informed automatically.

Result: Overview and Optimisation Through Digital Inventory and Tool Management

With Timly, a real-time image of the inventory and thus more reliability has been established at Schwizer Haustechnik AG. There are no more falling magnets. All tools, machines and vehicles are now recorded in a historically traceable manner and more efficient work is possible.
Schwizer Haustechnik und Timly Inventar App
In the summer of 2022, Schwizer Haustechnik had already inventoried almost 500 objects with Timly

“To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first that we even needed it, but now I can’t imagine life without it – I’m absolute Timly -Fan! It’s child’s play to pick up new equipment, I’ve never had such an uncomplicated overview of our company inventory.”

Nathan Meyer (warehouse coordination & workshop)

By assigning user roles, only employees with the appropriate rights can access and continue working with the data. For example, certain rights can also be granted to employees from the accounting department. In just a few steps, you can create insightful evaluations with Timly, which in turn lead to further cost and time savings.

Digital tool management with the Timly inventory software efficiently optimises the work processes at Schwizer Haustechnik AG and enables clear and reliable management of all work equipment.

Timly is at Schwizer Haustechnik AG on the smartphones of the employee has become an indispensable companion. Digital tool management simplifies daily work processes and nobody can imagine life without Timly.

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