Maintenance: Definition, Sub-Areas and Optimisation Potentials

Maintenance Definition and optimisation through software
Maintenance: definition and optimisation potential through software

Maintenance: By Definition an Extensive Area

The ‘maintenance definition‘ covers a wide range of work, which aims to ensure that all devices and machines fulfill their required functions. It includes a wealth of technical and administrative measures that are important for occupational safety and a smooth production process. Malfunctions, defective components or declining device performance can lead to accidents, which is why correct maintenance is by definition also required by law. In order to comply with compliance regulations, more and more companies rely on maintenance software.

As a generic term, maintenance includes inspection, maintenance and repair. In addition, measures to improve operational processes and weak point analyzes are part of the maintenance area. Thus, maintenance includes the combination of all technical measures to maintain an optimal production process.

In retail as well as in industrial or construction companies (tool tracking software), maintenance software saves money and time in this regard. In addition, it indirectly ensures more security in the company, since it takes care of the management during the life cycle of all inventory goods. Maintenance by definition answers questions about the profitability of individual machines or systems. It includes inspection, i.e. the assessment of the actual condition of the equipment. Consequently, maintenance by definition documents how often which operating equipment is defective.

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A Sub-Area of Maintenance: Upkeep

Maintenance is about preventive measures that serve to maintain the functional condition. In the private sector this is known e.g. from car maintenance, which is due after a certain number of kilometers driven, so that warranty claims do not expire.

Unfortunately, some companies use inefficient methods to keep an eye on the necessary maintenance dates for all equipment. They let office staff create Excel lists or try out function-poor freeware. In many cases, this results in opportunity costs that could be avoided with professional inventory software. Such includes different areas of maintenance definition.

As a digital maintenance management software, Timly creates an overview of all tools, vehicles and systems, regardless of location. It manages test dates, loans and repair orders in a program that can also be used on the go.

The Timly maintenance software in use with HAUSER in Austria
Maintenance: Definition, Sub-Areas and Optimisation Potentials 2
Maintenance definition and planning in the software dashboard

Processes Digitised: Servicing Software From Timly

Maintenance: Definition and Typical Work Steps

Only the totality of measures from the maintenance definition ensures permanently functional and efficiently working equipment, vehicles and machines. If the complete life cycle of a unit is considered, preventive maintenance is very relevant in the long term.

With maintenance, usually annual, the target condition of the respective unit is restored. The aim is to delay or even prevent wear and tear. In order to maintain the warranty claim and to keep the resale value high, all maintenance must be properly recorded.

For example, cleaning and maintenance work, recorded measured values, checked settings or replaced batteries are documented. Adjustments, fill levels and test runs must also be recorded.

To ensure that the maintenance plan is correctly adhered to, it is advisable to use a modern maintenance programme that can be easily operated by all authorised persons. This avoids safety risks or production downtimes due to incomplete maintenance intervals.

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Upkeep: Definition and Procedure

A variant of the maintenance definition is that it is all measures that serve to maintain the target condition, but also contribute to the determination and assessment of the actual condition. The measures for maintaining the proper condition or the return to the target condition of a system or a device include maintenance. If defects are found during maintenance, the affected components can either be repaired or replaced.
The maintenance definition presented on mobile devices
Maintenance: by definition an extensive area that can be optimised via software
This must be done promptly after the damage has been determined. With good maintenance software, you can plan repair services as well as inspection appointments in an uncomplicated manner. In this way, guidelines of the DGUV and compliance rules of the company can be observed.

During repairs, the software-integrated tracking of defects and deficiencies via an internal ticketing system pays off. This can also be connected to external service providers using a corresponding interface. This keeps the overview of the entire company inventory in the digital inventory management.

Use Efficient Software for Your Servicing Tasks

Software Helps to Keep Servicing Tasks in View

It is a well-known fact that a company’s success is not only in the hands of its craftsmen or acquisition staff. It also depends on management actions. The acquisition of suitable software and the implementation of training courses as part of the maintenance definition play an important role here.

According to UK laws (PUWER requirements), companies are required to maintain work equipment in an efficient and safe state. Maintenance is the combination of technical and administrative measures as well as management measures that serve to maintain or restore the functional condition of an inventory object in the life cycle.

In order to manage the complex, interlocking processes in a structured manner according to the common maintenance definition, especially in larger companies, there is no way around professional inventory software in the long term. Although this causes short-term costs, it leads to a noticeable improvement in operational processes after just a few months.

Intuitive Maintenance: Using Software

With Timly you get access to efficient maintenance management software – free demo available. A wide range of sophisticated features makes it easy to digitise your inventory.

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Maintenance Management

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