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Panasonic x Timly: Driving Technological Innovation

One of the most remarkable aspects of human ingenuity is our ability to innovate. Innovation is embedded in the DNA of consumer electronics giant Panasonic, which has diversified into a number of sectors, from heavy industry to construction.Today, we’re pleased to share why Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe, a full solution provider for automotive, industrial, and energy applications has chosen Timly’s asset management solution.

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The Challenge

Reliability, innovation, and quality have been part of Panasonic’s brand identity for over 100 years. This is equally true for its much younger subsidiary, Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH, which, although established almost a century later, has emerged as a leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing electronic applications for various industries. Being a full solution provider comes with numerous opportunities but also significant challenges.

It will come as no surprise that Panasonic Industry has a vast amount of equipment, company assets, material resources, and inventory employed in their daily operations. The question is how to manage this inventory effectively.

Prior to turning to Timly, routine activities such as regular stock counts would take months to complete and would pull staff away from their primary duties. Yet Panasonic had no choice, as German regulations require companies to account for assets valued over 1,000 euros. Given Panasonic Industry’s significant number of such assets, the need to transition to a digital and more efficient inventory management solution became increasingly urgent.

The Solution

Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe sought out Timly for its customizable features and comprehensive solutions. They needed an inventory management provider that shared Panasonic’s emphasis on innovation and quality. After a demo by our team, Panasonic was convinced: Timly offered the flexibility and robust functionality they needed to organize their inventory into a comprehensive asset register and track all activities and deadlines.

They say luck favors the prepared, but foresight combined with attention to detail works even better. Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe leaves nothing to chance with its new asset management system. For example, they fully utilize custom fields to record important information about each item, ensuring compliance and providing employees with all necessary details in one place in the item’s digital record in Timly.

As expected, Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe has a vast array of electronic equipment and machinery that require regular inspections, calibration, testing, and maintenance. A key Timly feature they fully leverage is maintenance management, meaning they can plan activities and stay on top of deadlines.

Most Used Features:

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Easier Compliance

With Timly, Panasonic can effectively track equipment maintenance and safety protocols. By streamlining upkeep and inspection workflows, they have reduced their teams’ workload and boosted compliance.

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Mobile Accessibility Anywhere

Being accessible from any device at any time, Timly offers a significant advantage. Activities such as stock counts can now be carried out from anywhere, in much less time, and with a significantly reduced workload.

The Result

Both Timly and Panasonic are driven by innovation, so it is little surprise that their collaboration has led to a shared advancement: the enhancement of Timly’s delegated stocktaking feature. Originally developed with Sodastream for managing IT equipment with remote staff, this feature simplifies and automates stock control. Employees can perform inventory checks seamlessly from any internet-connected device using Timly’s quick-access and powerful in-app barcode scanner. At Panasonic, the results of stocktakes generated and documented in Timly are easily exported for accounting and other purposes, significantly improving and simplifying the task of confirming Panasonic’s reportable assets and their values for tax declarations.

In this way, Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe leverages the Timly platform not only to stay on top of its assets and their maintenance but also for financial reporting. From one innovative company to another, we are proud to support Panasonic with simplified, optimized inventory processes and easier compliance.


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