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Timly Reaches New Heights with Volocopter

If you were a child in the early 1990s, you may have imagined that by the time you were an adult, we’d have flying cars. Although this vision hasn’t quite come to pass, an exciting new reality has emerged. Today, we spotlight Volocopter, a company leading the way in urban air mobility and leveraging cloud asset tracking as part of its digital transformation.

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Bruchsal, Germany


Urban Air Mobility


11 000

The Challenge

Volocopter was born from a challenge: to transform urban mobility. Inspired by the vision to “offer people a new way to be mobile, free from traffic jams and emissions” (Dirk Hoke – CEO of Volocopter), the company has introduced three innovative aerial solutions: VoloCity (flying taxi), VoloRegion (aircraft designed to connect regions and cities), and VoloDrone (supply drone). The concept of a safe, quiet, eco-friendly electric vehicle (producing zero CO2, nitric oxide (NOx), or other harmful pollutants) flying through the skies may seem like a fantasy. Yet, it’s a reality embodied by the VoloCity. This electric propulsion aircraft is ready to take to the skies and will be tested in Parisian airspace during the 2024 Olympic Games.

This forward-thinking company is filled with innovations, ready to change the future of transportation. As a pioneering enterprise, it inevitably faces a host of obstacles. That’s the nature of paving the way (even if the path is airborne!). Volocopter has encountered a challenge familiar to many companies across various sectors: inventory management, and more specifically, facility management.

The Solution

Volocopter already had an ERP system in place for managing various aspects of its operations. However, this did not meet their specific need for a flexible solution for comprehensive facility management. That’s where Timly came in.

Volocopter chose Timly for its high level of customization and versatile functionalities. With Timly’s CSV importer function, Volocopter was able to easily sync thousands of assets from its ERP into our software. They further enhanced this database on the Timly platform at multiple levels. First, each asset now has its own digital profile with all the necessary information, including images. For a company with Volocopter’s mission and extensive equipment, this significantly simplifies their operations. Second, Volocopter was able to organize its inventory into categories, creating a clear structure. Furthermore, Volocopter is leveraging “container” to manage assets across different locations. One such container is their “Production Area,” which includes various rooms, with assets connected to each. This setup allows Volocopter to track and manage all kinds of equipment, machines, and other objects essential to their daily operations.

Most used functions:

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Scheduling Maintenance

The integrated maintenance planner in Timly is indispensable for Volocopter. Managers ensure all schedules are met and that assets consistently comply with standards.

Asset Management

Volocopter found in Timly a centralized platform to efficiently manage assets and schedules. Timly’s smart features support Volocopter in their groundbreaking mission.

The Result

The inventory management and structure implemented by Volocopter in Timly allow for seamless facility management. Another crucial aspect is Volocopter’s deadline management, which is operated within Timly. This is vital for a company of this nature! Offering a revolutionary transport solution requires advanced technology and high security. There are numerous standards to adhere to, including meticulously meeting various asset-related deadlines. With Timly and its maintenance planner, Volocopter can easily manage these deadlines.

Timly is particularly proud to have Volocopter as a client. They are revolutionizing the world by enabling urban air mobility. Volocopter is a source of innovation and inspiration – we are excited to see them soar to new heights and beyond.


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