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Timly on the Job at Saarbrücken Jobcenter

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes it leads us down unexpected paths, like finding ourselves without a job. Depending on where we live, support may be available in the form of unemployment benefits, housing assistance, and retraining programs. In Germany, jobseekers receive support from “Jobcenters,” similar to “Jobcentre Plus” in the UK or “Unemployment Offices” in North America. Today, we’re excited to share how the Saarbrücken Jobcenter is doing an excellent job in supporting jobseekers and efficiently managing its inventory with the help of Timly!

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The Challenge

The Saarbrücken Jobcenter provides comprehensive support to jobseekers. In its daily activities, it uses a vast array of items that need managing in an asset management system. This includes everything from office furniture to IT equipment, as well as perishables like soap and hand sanitizer refills. As the Jobcenter’s operations expanded, so did its inventory, highlighting the need for a digital and streamlined inventory management solution.

The opportunity to transition to a digital solution arose when the Saarbrücken Jobcenter relocated to new premises. The need to coordinate the move and set up in the new location, coupled with the chance for a fresh start, prompted Saarbrücken to seek out a digital asset management solution – and that’s when they contacted Timly.

The Jobcenter quickly found Timly to be the right solution. The first step towards implementing this cloud-based system was to catalog the entire inventory. This was a crucial step in building a sustainable inventory register and implementing optimized processes through a connected inventory management solution.

The Solution

The paths of the Saarbrücken Jobcenter and Timly crossed in June 2021, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that continues to this day.

Implementing Timly, the first essential step was to catalog all assets in our cloud-based inventory management solution – a significant undertaking given the volume of inventory. Fortunately, Timly’s user-friendly interface and CSV import capabilities made this process manageable.

Next, the Jobcenter needed a robust system to track the precise location of each asset. By creating digital records for over 200 rooms and spaces in Timly, they established a detailed asset registry. This system allows for easy updates and instant access to asset information, ensuring every item is accurately accounted for.

Thanks to Timly’s advanced scanning functionality, assigning assets to locations was straightforward. Employees quickly scanned the barcode of each asset, automatically updating its status and location in Timly. This not only saved time but also reduced errors, leading to a more reliable and efficient asset management process.

Most used functions:

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Integrated Barcode Scanner

Managing assets and reporting defects is effortless with the Timly integrated barcode scanner. Jobcenter employees use their smartphones – no additional hardware or software is needed.

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Asset Assignment

A key requirement for the Jobcenter was the ability to connect assets to locations, people, projects, and more. Timly makes this easy, enhancing transparency, accuracy, and accountability.

The Result

The impact is clear: Implementing Timly has significantly helped the Saarbrücken Jobcenter optimize and simplify its asset management processes, providing an accurate asset registry and a unified system. With just one click in Timly, the various teams at the Jobcenter can verify the location of any item, add new inventory, manage deadlines, and much more.

At Timly, we are proud to support a public service that does invaluable work for citizens, helping jobseekers re-enter the workforce. The Saarbrücken Jobcenter’s success with Timly underscores the importance of effective asset management in delivering essential services.


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