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Timly x Westenergie: A Powerful Platform

If you’ve spent time in Germany, you may be familiar with Westenergie, the largest regional energy service provider and infrastructure supplier in the country. For those who aren’t, Westenergie is the largest subsidiary of the energy giant E.ON. This innovative company is at the forefront of the energy transition, making a positive impact. Unsurprisingly, it has fully embraced technology and innovation in its inventory management with Timly.

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The Challenge

Imagine you are a pioneering company in the energy sector, deploying your expertise across a range of products and services, including electric charging stations. You can easily imagine that this represents a colossal inventory. This is exactly the case for Westenergie. This forward-thinking company needed an equally advanced and connected solution to manage its inventory digitally and efficiently.

The task: manage an entire range of equipment, from electric charging stations and their locations to digital panels, electric cars, air quality sensors, and a wide array of high-tech products and equipment.

The challenge was to catalog all these items to establish robust inventory management processes that allow Westenergie to easily manage, track, and document its equipment while keeping up with deadlines. In 2020, Westenergie set out to find an inventory management solution capable of meeting these needs… and discovered Timly.

The Solution

Since adopting Timly, Westenergie has implemented exemplary inventory management. It all began with cataloging their entire range of equipment. While this was a lengthy but necessary process, Timly’s stocktaking capabilities significantly streamlined it, making the process more efficient and drastically reducing the time required (similar to our client Panasonic, who reduced inventory time from several weeks to just a few days).

Once all assets were cataloged, Westenergie intelligently categorized them based on their nature and began actively documenting these assets. This documentation included essential details in their digital files: photos, deadlines, locations, serial numbers, and more. This step is crucial for a large-scale operation like Westenergie. Managing hundreds or even thousands of assets leaves no room for error; accessing all key information about any asset must be possible within a few clicks.

Most used functions:

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Integrated Barcode Scanner

Managing assets and reporting defects is now effortless with the integrated barcode scanner. Employees simply use their smartphones, with no additional hardware or software required.

Asset Management

Westenergie now manages its extensive equipment with ease and unprecedented efficiency, leveraging Timly’s full suite of smart features to their advantage.

The Result

Timly has become the ultimate resource for Westenergie’s asset information, serving as the single platform to find the location and essential details of assets and manage their timelines.

We are proud to count Westenergie among our clients – a modern company that shines through the technological advancements it creates for today and tomorrow.


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