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Püttlingen x Timly: Asset Management for Better Public Administration

Almost every business and organization needs an asset tracking system, and local government is no exception. This is especially so as keeping track of assets is crucial for making the best use of public resources. Today, we spotlight the City Administration of Püttlingen, a vibrant town of 20,000 residents in southwestern Germany. Discover how Püttlingen leverages Timly to streamline their asset management and streamline their operations.

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City of Püttlingen




18 295 (2022 census)


Public Administration


1 500

The Challenge

In 2021, the City Administration of Püttlingen faced a significant challenge: How to effectively manage its inventory, particularly IT assets. It was recognized that existing asset management processes needed improvement, and that managers and employees required comprehensive oversight of the inventory and related data. One of the main goals was to reduce the time spent monitoring and managing equipment to improve workflows and operations.

Another challenge was managing assets across different locations, including the town hall and various facilities overseen by the City Administration of Püttlingen. A system was needed to ensure that each location was assigned the necessary assets and equipment, and that these were properly tracked and accounted for at all times.

This led Püttlingen to Timly, and they were quickly convinced by the solution’s comprehensive features and ease of use – and by the fact that Timly is already the tool of choice for many government and public sector organizations. This success is largely due to Timly’s high level of customization and flexibility, allowing it to be tailored to unique use cases and needs.

The Solution

With Timly, the City Administration of Püttlingen implemented a robust IT asset management system. From desktop computers to printers and software, employees can now easily and reliably manage all types of IT equipment using Timly’s IT Asset Management solution.

Each asset managed in Timly has its own digital record, which can be fully customized with various fields. Whether it’s the purchase date and price, serial number, or warranty date, everything can be recorded. Additionally, asset maintenance can be planned and scheduled in advance, and all related activities and documents can be stored in Timly, providing the administration with everything in one place.

Another advantage for Püttlingen is the ability to create multiple locations in Timly – from the town hall to other facilities they own and manage – and assign and manage assets for each location. This segmentation ensures that each entity sees and has access to only the assets relevant to them.

Most used functions:

Timly at the City Administration in Püttlingen 1

Assigning Inventory

With Timly, the City Administration of Püttlingen can efficiently and easily assign IT assets to employees and specific locations. It also has a clear and reliable oversight of asset allocation, making it easy to know where each asset is located and who is accountable for it.

Asset Management

With a single platform for its asset management, Püttlingen not only tracks and manages assets but also oversees their maintenance, repair, and lifecycle management, ensuring IT assets are in top condition and fully operational.

The Result

The City Administration of Püttlingen is making excellent use of Timly’s flexible inventory management solution, including by applying Timly QR code labels on all their IT equipment. The city has smartly organized its new IT asset management structure, allowing it to categorize inventory in a way that makes the most sense, including adding different locations, user records, and more.

At Timly, we are delighted to simplify the daily operations of public administrations through efficient and intuitive inventory and IT asset management.


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