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Timly x Hansataucher: Inventory Management at Sea

The ocean fascinates. It has always posed a challenging frontier for ambitious explorers and, for nature enthusiasts, it’s a source of calm and excitement. The sea witnesses great moments of life but sadly also moments of distress. This is where Hansataucher comes in, an organization that operates beneath the waves carrying out critical missions. And Timly’s role in all of this? Let’s dive into this Success Story.

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Maritime Industry


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The Challenge

The playground, and more importantly, the area of expertise for Hansataucher is the ocean. This means they face challenges regularly, if not daily! The teams of this company handle a wide range of tasks: from demining and ship inspections to underwater maintenance and repair work.

And, if you know us well, upon reading the word “maintenance,” you’ve probably already guessed why our featured client today chose Timly! Hansataucher needed a comprehensive inventory management solution that would allow them to manage and track their equipment while also offering maintenance management features.

Indeed, well-maintained and compliant equipment, which is also easily locatable, is a must for this company that operates under the ocean in an environment as beautiful as it is demanding, if not hostile. Being able to answer questions like “Where is this equipment?”, “Is it available?”, and “Is its maintenance up to date?” quickly and accurately required a bit of assistance: that of a cloud-based inventory management solution.

The Solution

What makes this Success Story particularly interesting is that Hansataucher manages more than just standard equipment. Here’s a hint: they manage assets as large as their operations. Specifically, Leo, their diving boat with a crane, measures 30 meters by 8.6 meters. To fulfill their mission, Hansataucher operates a fleet of 10 boats, each more impressive than the last.

Does Timly integrate easily into the daily operations of these underwater divers? Absolutely. A simple QR code scan provides direct access to the Timly digital file of the scanned equipment. This file is richly populated by the Hansataucher team, who use customizable attributes to input valuable information about their equipment.

Of course, Hansataucher also takes full advantage of Timly’s container function. The boats in the Hansa fleet are recorded as containers in Timly, with assets such as masks, survival kits, and other essential underwater mission equipment assigned to them. This centralization of key information and actions is crucial for Hansataucher’s organization.

Most used functions:

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Maintenance Management

Managing a critical servicing and upkeep schedule is crucial for Hansataucher, as it ensures equipment safety and compliance. With Timly, maintenance management is straightforward and reliable.

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Accessible on Any Device

Timly is an inventory management application with smart features that streamline asset management. Our cloud-based platform is accessible from any device, anywhere, including Hansataucher’s boats.

The Result

Hansataucher easily and thoroughly manages its fleet, equipment, and more with Timly. Our intuitive and mobile inventory management solution allows Hansataucher to track and manage their assets while ensuring the safety of their operations. Equipment safety and compliance with regulations and industry standards are maintained with Timly’s deadline management, ensuring that all necessary inspections and servicing are up to date.

A well-managed asset inventory and enhanced compliance provide Hansataucher’s field teams with peace of mind. At Timly, we are proud to support this exceptional organization, both on land and at sea.


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