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A Glimmer of Hope: Espoir Autisme Corse for a Better World

Changing the world for the better. Who hasn’t dreamed of making a difference? From this desire, we have two options: dream or act. The non-profit organization Espoir Autisme Corse, which manages social and medical facilities, chooses to act – and does so impressively. It has created a new world of possibilities for individuals often marginalized by society: people with special needs. We’re honored to share in this success story how Timly supports Espoir Autisme Corse in its noble and important mission.
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Espoir Autisme Corse



Number of Employees

100 (+ 50 volunteers)


Social and Health Care Support


3 000

The Challenge: When a Small Charity Grows into a Major Force and Needs an Inventory Management Solution

Catherine Peretti, Executive Director of Espoir Autisme Corse
Catherine Peretti-Geronimi, Executive Director of EAC
Espoir Autisme Corse had its beginnings in the 1990s when it set up as a small charity to respond to an alarming gap in support for people with autism. It has since grown significantly, making a marked contribution to the field of autism and disability charities in general. Its mission is clear: to ensure that all individuals with disabilities have full and equal access to all aspects of society.

To achieve this, the charity is active on many fronts, deploying a wealth of solutions to support the people they serve. In this context, Espoir Autisme Corse sought a solution to optimize their inventory management, planning, and incident handling.

Catherine Peretti-Geronimi, Executive Director of Espoir Autisme Corse, explains that she was looking for a “tool capable of centralizing ideas and coordinating responses. A fast, intuitive tool with custom analysis capabilities.” She adds, “A tool that mirrors the potential of our teams, reflecting our field teams. One that allows maximum autonomy for our staff while adhering to best practice guidelines and our internal processes for ensuring the safety of their field missions.” That tool is Timly.

The Solution: A Platform to Easily Manage Inventory, Planning, and Incidents

Espoir Autisme Corse found in Timly the ideal platform to manage their inventory, planning, and incident handling, and more. “Timly is not just an inventory tool for us – it helps us centralize and analyze our data” says Catherine Peretti-Geronimi, Executive Director of EAC. Now, their teams at have at their disposal a tool that fits their needs perfectly, allowing them to coordinate their daily operations efficiently within Timly.
Espoir Autisme Corse has customized Timly to meet its specific needs, authentically reflecting the reality of their work on the ground. Equipped with this connected inventory management solution, the association seamlessly orchestrates its operations in Timly, maximizing the software’s capabilities.

First, the charity integrated everything into Timly, from inventory (equipment, toys, medications, vehicles, etc.) to staff profiles (employees and partners), fully leveraging Timly’s features. “We can also manage our vehicle fleet, allowing each staff member to schedule vehicle reservations,” says Catherine Peretti-Geronimi. She adds, “The vehicle fleet planning is fantastic.”

The real (r)evolution for this charity lies in its new and highly efficient incident management.

Staff at Espoir Autisme Corse managing inventory in Timly's cloud-platform.
Espoir Autisme Corse employees manage inventory with Timly.
“If a defect is detected, it is immediately reported, and we can take over to manage it. Both the staff member and management are informed in real-time about the repair progress. We can also get statistics on the number of defects detected in a specific item.”

Whether it’s an equipment malfunction or vehicle damage, Espoir Autisme Corse can manage and track the entire repair process thanks to Timly’s “Defects and Damage” feature in the ticketing system.

“I use all the features without exception. And whenever I see potential, I think: it would be great if we did that. I feel like the possibilities are endless.”

Most used functions:

Timly at Espoir Autisme Corse 1

Asset Assignment

Assigning assets to employees, locations, or other is essential to EAC’s operations. The ability to reserve assets using the Timly scheduler is also a significant advantage.

Timly at Espoir Autisme Corse 2

Ticketing System

With the ticketing system, EAC can efficiently manage defects, requests, and deadlines. Employees can easily report and document damage, request assistance, and more.

The Outcome: A Centralized Platform and Endless Possibilities

Since Espoir Autisme Corse centralized its core inventory and connected activities in Timly, the charity has seen significant improvements in many areas of its operations. These include better optimization of their vehicle fleet, seamless incident management, and improved visibility of therapeutic tools.

Interior of the SAMSAH (Social and Health Care Support Service for Disabled Adults) at Espoir Autisme Corse
Espoir Autisme Corse’s SAMSAH facility helps patients achieve independence and integrate into the workforce.

“We have many tools for rehabilitation. Knowing where they are and who is using them is extremely important, as these questions come up all the time.” 

Implementing Timly’s inventory management solution has been a great support for EAC, which deploys a wide range of tools and materials daily to fulfill its mission. The future is yet to be written, but it looks promising: the association plans to also manage the inventory of its residential facility within Timly. We are proud to provide Espoir Autisme Corse with a platform to better manage their inventory and much more, from equipment tracking and planning to purchase requests and incident handling. Supporting this resourceful, much-needed, and profoundly compassionate organization is an honor.

“A huge thank you! Timly’s support has been invaluable.”

Catherine Peretti-Geronimi
(Executive Director, Espoir Autisme Corse)

As a non-profit organization managing social and health care support, Espoir Autisme Corse oversees four key facilities:

  • SAMSAH: Social and Health Care Support Service for Disabled Adults
  • SESSAD: Special Education and Home Care Service for Children and Adolescents
  • PFR: Respite Care Platform Dedicated to Non-Professional Family Caregivers and Relatives
  • MAS: Specialized Care Home Les Magnolias

The charity’s scope of action does not stop there. Its other activities include:

  • Supported Employment Scheme for Persons with Special Needs
  • Competence and External Service Hub (PCPE)
  • Two Preschool Education Units for Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
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