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Timly Excels at the Cantonal School of Wiedikon

Zurich, the vibrant and picturesque city where Timly was born, is a hub of innovation across various sectors, including education. Home to many world-class schools, academies, universities, and other educational institutions, Zurich stands out in the academic field. Today, we shine a light on one of these institutions: the Cantonal School of Wiedikon. This prestigious school has chosen Timly for its inventory management. Join us as we explore how Timly is making a difference in their operations.
The Cantonal School of Wiedikon

Cantonal School of Wiedikon




Zurich, Switzerland




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The Challenge

Let’s set the scene by taking you directly to Zurich, the most populous city in Switzerland. Imagine strolling through charming cobblestone streets or soaking up the sun by the blue waters of the local lake, Zürichsee. The city is unique, blending industrial elements with natural beauty. It’s within this landscape, in the heart of Zurich’s third district, Wiedikon, that you’ll find the Cantonal School of Wiedikon.

The Swiss educational system is designed so that multiple generations, from primary school to secondary II (ages 4 to 18), coexist in a single cantonal school. To fulfill its mission of educating and preparing students for the world, Kantonsschule Wiedikon (KWI) relies on a wide range of resources: human, pedagogical, and material. Our focus here is on their material resources. The challenge for this outstanding institution was to manage their entire inventory, starting with their IT equipment. But it doesn’t stop there—the number of assets KWI must manage is rather significant. Therefore, the school needed a modular solution that could adapt to the specific needs of the school, while also being intuitive, simple, efficient, and accessible from any device: a cloud-based inventory management solution.

The Solution

In its search for the perfect solution, the Cantonal School of Wiedikon found Timly and chose its comprehensive asset management capabilities. Although KWI has only recently started using Timly, they have already laid a solid foundation for a thorough asset tracking system. First, the school established a sound foundation for their inventory management by creating digital aliases for its various rooms: classrooms, offices, etc. The goal? To organize everything and digitally assign assets to their respective rooms. With just a click, the teams can allocate and schedule equipment.

Given the extensive range of assets at the school, they organized their structure accordingly by creating numerous root categories in Timly for IT equipment, furniture, the chemistry department, the media library, and more. They created as many categories as needed to effectively structure their assets digitally. KWI further optimized this structure by creating subcategories to streamline asset organization. This clear inventory structure in Timly ensures that all assets and actions are centralized, providing KWI with a solution that allows them to focus directly on what matters most: their inventory.

Most used functions:

Timly at Cantonal School of Wiedikon 1

Allocating Inventory

The ability to digitally assign assets to employees, locations, or projects – making the process fully certified and verifiable for everyone – vastly simplifies asset management.

Timly at Cantonal School of Wiedikon 2

Ensuring Compliance

Centralizing data, activities, and supporting documents in a single platform, allows the school to ensure greater transparency and guarantee compliance.

The Result

With a simplified and efficient asset tracking system in Timly, the Cantonal School of Wiedikon can focus on its purpose: providing excellent education and preparing students for university and their future. At Timly, we are proud to support an institution with such a wonderful mission, a place of learning where hundreds of children and young people to pursue their dreams – big and small.


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