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Timly and Microsoft Azure AD: A Seamless Integration

Cloud-based applications have become the norm across all sectors. If your organization utilizes Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) for managing cloud applications, integrating Timly into this IT infrastructure is straightforward, thanks to its REST API support.
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Azure AD, along with its successor, Entra ID, serve as Microsoft’s robust frameworks for managing and integrating cloud applications into business operations. Azure AD standardizes user and access management. The seamless communication between these platforms and Timly is facilitated through the standardized REST API, enabling direct transfer of user administration to Timly. Moreover, information managed in Timly’s inventory system can also be shared with other cloud applications through the REST API, enhancing overall operational efficiency and connectivity.

Simplifying User Management and Rights Assignment with Timly

Timly stands as the core of your inventory management, housing detailed information about all your company’s assets. This includes details on work equipment, fixtures, fittings, stock items, machines, and vehicles. The digital equipment file transforms into a crucial repository of information. But Timly offers more: electronic personnel files, maintenance schedules, and location data all contribute to a comprehensive 360° overview of critical company information.

For efficient regulation and monitoring of access to this wealth of data within your IT framework, leveraging your existing Azure AD is a smart choice. Your company’s IT infrastructure, complete with necessary authorization concepts, is already configured in Azure AD. By connecting Timly through the robust REST API shared by both applications, the hassle of managing multiple user and authorization setups is eliminated. Timly seamlessly integrates into your IT landscape, becoming a key part of your cloud application suite for IT administrators.

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Connecting Through REST API

The REST API utilizes HTTP, a common protocol for internet connections, allowing applications from different manufacturers to exchange data through requests and responses. This enables previously authorized cloud services to access all information managed within Timly. Depending on your preferences, it can facilitate both read and write access, enabling synchronization, retrieval, importation, and updating of data with other applications.

Leverage Timly’s valuable data in your workflows. Azure AD’s control center can assign the necessary permissions to applications and users. By reusing existing datasets, you save significant work time and reduce potential errors, which are common with manual data transfers.

Safety as the Highest Priority

While convenience and efficiency are crucial in utilizing software solutions, security must always take precedence, especially when integrating various applications and accessing data over the internet. Timly’s API employs HTTPS, a protocol recognized for its security by experts. Additionally, it offers a cryptographically secure authentication method through the use of unique tokens. This ensures that accessing the REST API is as secure as using the web application, safeguarding your data with the highest level of internet security protocols.

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Integrating Timly with Azure AD Simplified

A diverse IT infrastructure can lead to increased administrative tasks and potentially compromise security if users are required to log into various services differently. However, with Timly’s REST API, you can seamlessly integrate its comprehensive inventory software into your existing workflow, offering several key benefits:

➟ A unified user authorization concept simplifies management.

➟ New company users can be easily authorized for Timly during their initial setup.

➟ Centralized control over automated data exchange and synchronization with other applications is facilitated.

➟ The standardized REST API interface ensures you maintain complete control over data access.


Setting up Timly for Azure AD integration is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Provide the necessary administrator with REST API rights.
  2. Obtain a customized token for authentication.
  3. Use this token for Timly access via the Azure AD API.
  4. For script creation, such as using Azure AD PowerShell, Timly’s extensive online documentation offers detailed information about all available objects, attributes, and methods.

This process not only streamlines integration but also enhances security and efficiency within your IT infrastructure.

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