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SOS Aerzte: Timly at the Service of Health

Some people discover their passion in childhood, while for others, it develops later in life. In both cases, the best outcome is that this spark leads to a profession and transforms a job into a vocation. SOS Aerzte, providing 24/7 emergency medical care in and around Zurich “for everyone, always,” perfectly illustrates this sense of calling: the commitment to providing healthcare when patients need it. This requires a healthy and well-functioning inventory management system for mission-critical equipment and supplies. Here’s why SOS Aerzte chose Timly.

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The Challenge

SOS Aerzte offers emergency medical care to patients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This commitment naturally brings numerous daily challenges. Two key issues stand out: the need to be “a click away” from essential equipment and ensuring that the equipment used by doctors is perfectly compliant, particularly that its maintenance is up-to-date. This priority was non-negotiable to SOS Aerzte as patient health is at stake, making safe and functioning medical equipment essential.

Although responsiveness and rigor have always been SOS Aerzte’s priorities, their system and processes for managing inventory and assets were time-consuming before using Timly. Managing everything in Excel was no longer effective, and the need for a more efficient system became increasingly clear. In 2022, SOS Aerzte began searching for a solution to track their assets and ensure their maintenance by monitoring deadlines.

The Solution

SOS Aerzte cataloged their entire inventory, including their fleet of medical vehicles, in Timly. They registered these vehicles as containers rather than simple assets. This allows the company to assign a large number of equipment, such as first aid kits or fuel cards, directly to their vehicles. This ensures that key equipment is always present in each vehicle, allowing staff to have everything they need when responding to emergency calls.

To ensure patient health and responsiveness, SOS Aerzte tracks deadlines linked to their assets, including vehicles, equipment, and medical tools. This information is available in Timly to authorized users, so they can see if an item has an upcoming maintenance deadline that might affect its availability. Users can also report issues such as malfunctions or damage. With Timly, all key information, including images and requests for support, as well as maintenance and deadline management, is available with just a few clicks and glances.

Most used functions:

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Assigning Assets

The ability to easily assign assets to employees, locations, projects, and vehicles is a significant advantage for SOS Aerzte. With this functionality they are able to better alocate and manage their assets.

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Deadline Management

SOS Aerzte must ensure perfect compliance for their equipment. Timly’s deadline management feature is particularly useful, allowing them to track and manage all deadlines to ensure compliance.

The Result

Ensuring compliance with deadlines is crucial for SOS Aerzte, and with Timly, it’s achievable. SOS Aerzte demonstrates effective deadline management by controlling all their schedules (maintenance, activities, expiration dates, etc.) in Timly with unparalleled efficiency. In our inventory management software, they can see exactly how much time remains before the next deadlines and receive email reminders. This ensures that no expiration date or deadline is missed. Additionally, employees can report defects directly from the Timly web app, documenting the issue and adding photos, which is a significant advantage.

Regarding inventory management, the responsiveness required by SOS Aerzte is fully supported by Timly. The organization has registered multiple locations and assigned specific equipment to each (for example, a first aid kit). This way, when heading out on a call, employees know exactly what equipment they need to take with them.

In summary, being able to manage and document their inventory while ensuring compliance is essential for SOS Aerzte. We are proud to support SOS Aerzte in this mission.


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