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JOMOS Sparks Success with Timly

Since the dawn of time, fire has both fascinated and frightened humans. To protect themselves and others from its dangers, people have developed various systems over the millennia. JOMOS, a Swiss company specializing in fire protection solutions, brings this into the 21st century by combining safety with innovation. When it came to choosing an inventory management solution to manage their safety and other equipment, they naturally gravitated towards an equally innovative solution – Timly.

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Number of Employees

≈ 160


Fire Safety



The Challenge

JOMOS Fire Protection Solutions deals with complex safety challenges on a daily basis. One day, a new challenge emerged: finding an inventory management solution that enables their teams to manage and track assets accurately and efficiently.

Beyond selling fire protection equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, smoke detectors, etc.), JOMOS is actively engaged in the field, offering services such as verifying fire protection installations. This requires state-of-the-art equipment that must be meticulously managed and tracked with a connected solution.

In high-pressure situations, like those faced by the teams at JOMOS, responsiveness is crucial. A cloud-based inventory management solution, accessible via smartphone from anywhere, was the perfect fit. JOMOS needed a clear and precise overview of their inventory to locate equipment quickly when needed.

The Solution

JOMOS’ primary requirement for its inventory management was the precise tracking of equipment. They chose Timly because its IoT trackers from adnexo provide a comprehensive solution, allowing JOMOS to know in real-time exactly where each piece of inventory is. When an employee needs specific equipment for a job, they can find its location by connecting to Timly with a single click.

The teams at JOMOS can also access digital asset files easily by scanning the QR code on the equipment. For instance, an employee can scan the QR code on a pressure tester to assign it, schedule its use, or verify if its maintenance is up-to-date and therefore fit for use.

This streamlines the logistics of fire protection missions by JOMOS. Essential information about equipment and tools is managed in Timly’s digital asset management software, making it easy for teams to find what they need, whether it’s information or equipment, effortlessly.

Most used functions:


With GPS trackers from our partner adnexo, JOMOS can track their equipment in real-time within Timly. Teams can locate equipment quickly when heading out for a response or deployment.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile availability is crucial for a company whose teams are frequently deployed in the field. Our cloud-based inventory management application is accessible anywhere, at any time.

The Outcome

JOMOS has found the perfect software in Timly for managing and tracking their equipment. By intelligently using the features for asset assignment, scheduling, and deadline management, this comprehensive solution ensures no time is wasted on inventory management.

We can confidently say: the collaboration between JOMOS and Timly is sparking success, and we are proud to support this remarkable company in its mission of protection.


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