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Integrate Timly with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Seamlessly incorporate Timly into the versatile Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, where it enhances the suite of applications already available.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 employs a modular approach, allowing for the combination of compatible software products across various business functions like sales, customer service, and supply chain management. Thanks to Timly’s adaptable REST API, it can be tailored to fit seamlessly into Dynamics 365, aligning perfectly with your specific needs.

Boosting Efficiency Through Connectivity

Generic applications often fall short of meeting user needs fully. Timly’s specialized approach to comprehensive inventory management frequently emerges as a more effective way to streamline workflows. Whether leveraging Dynamics 365’s Business Central for small to medium-sized enterprises or managing the supply chain for your production, Timly’s inventory software simplifies asset management.

The era of maintaining redundant databases is outdated. Modern applications require real-time access to standardized information to optimize daily operations. The REST API has established itself as a key facilitator for cloud application communication, enabling seamless data exchange between Timly and other programs within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

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Maximum Flexibility Through the REST API

The REST API sets a standardized interface for internet-based data exchange using the familiar HTTP protocol. It enables applications to send requests and share data in specific formats. Through its cloud server’s API interface, Timly offers access to detailed asset records and other vital information, facilitating the synchronization of databases with those from different software solutions. Additionally, necessary data imports and exports can be automated with ease.

Within Timly’s comprehensive REST API documentation, you’ll find all the details needed to fetch, update, and add objects, attributes, and methods. This ensures secure data exchange can be precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of your Dynamics 365 setup, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Security as a Fundamental Requirement

When it comes to corporate, prioritizing security is imperative. In Timly, API access must be specifically authorized for each user, with authentication managed through a cryptographically secure token. The process of data exchange itself closely mirrors the experience of accessing information through the web app, utilizing the secure HTTPS protocol—a standard also employed across numerous sensitive sectors for online data transmission. This ensures that your data is protected with the highest security measures during every interaction.

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How to Seamlessly Integrate Timly with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Timly enables the comprehensive tracking and management of company assets throughout their entire lifecycle, intersecting significantly with the capabilities of various Dynamics 365 products. Integrating Timly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup offers a host of advantages:

➟ Unified inventory information pool accessible by all applications.

➟ No more redundant data entry or information discrepancies.

➟ REST API facilitates easy automation of synchronization processes.

➟ Full control over the nature and extent of information exchange.

Follow these steps for smooth integration into Dynamics 365:

  1. Assign the necessary REST API user rights.
  2. Create a secure token for authentication purposes.
  3. Refer to Timly’s extensive documentation for details on accessible data.
  4. Employ Dynamics 365’s integration tools, like PowerShell, to complete the setup.

This guide ensures a direct and efficient integration, streamlining your asset management and operational workflows.

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