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Connecting Timly with ABACUS

Timly and the ERP solution from Swiss provider Abacus are a perfect match. The data exchange between Timly’s comprehensive inventory management and Abacus’s asset accounting can be seamlessly achieved through a standardized REST API.
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Abacus delivers extensive solutions for accounting, employee management, and project management. These areas often intersect with inventory management, which aims to methodically catalog all of a company’s assets. To prevent duplicate data entry, information can be effortlessly transferred between Timly and Abacus using the REST API, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Simplifying Data Exchange to Streamline Work Processes

Choosing the right applications to manage internal processes is critical. The software should be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly with your established workflows. If your company utilizes the Abacus ERP system, it can be enhanced with Timly for inventory management.

Timly offers a comprehensive solution for cataloging your company’s entire inventory. This ranges from fixtures and fittings, such as furniture, vehicles, and machinery, to the complete IT infrastructure. Additionally, Timly enriches its service with digital personnel files, where employees’ qualifications and training records are kept. All data from Timly can be directly used in Abacus, and importing data from your ERP system into Timly is equally feasible. This interoperability ensures a smooth and efficient management process.

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Synchronization: Set Your Own Parameters

The REST API has become a cornerstone for secure data exchange among cloud applications, eliminating the need for additional tools to connect two compatible software products. Communication is facilitated through the standard HTTP protocol, enabling applications to make bidirectional requests and receive responses containing the desired data records.

Timly grants authorized users complete access to assets and information through its inventory management API server. This empowers you to decide which data should be shared with Abacus and the degree of synchronization that should occur. Timly’s REST API is thoroughly documented, ensuring straightforward implementation and seamless integration.

Secure Connection as a Foundation

From a security standpoint, accessing the REST API is essentially comparable to accessing data through a web application. Instead of a web browser, the designated software or script communicates directly with the Timly API server. Authentication is managed using a cryptographically secure token, ensuring a high level of security. For data transmission, the applications employ HTTPS, which is deemed secure even for sensitive applications. This approach underscores the commitment to maintaining a secure environment for data exchange, mirroring the security protocols of web-based access.


How the Connection to Abacus Works

Choose the best-fit software for your company’s diverse needs. Timly’s inventory management system offers a comprehensive 360° view of your company’s resources and integrates smoothly with your existing IT infrastructure, including Abacus. This synergy brings multiple benefits:

➟ Data only needs to be entered once and becomes accessible in both applications.

➟ Timly’s flexible categorization allows inventory management to be tailored to your company’s existing structures.

➟ The REST API implementation gives you the autonomy to decide which data should be exchanged between Timly and Abacus.

Setting up Timly for data exchange is straightforward and involves a few steps:

  1. In the settings, authorize user access to the API.
  2. Generate a customized token for authentication.
  3. Consult Timly’s documentation to identify the necessary designations for objects, attributes, and methods for script-based data exchange.
  4. Access the Abacus API Hub to gather the information needed for integration with Abacus.

This process ensures a secure and efficient setup for data exchange between Timly and Abacus, enhancing your inventory management and overall operational efficiency.

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