The municipal asset management software (school assets & public administrations)

All of your assets in one place – digitally and clearly.

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Minimise your effort with digital asset management

Where is which asset located? And above all, in what condition? The intuitive asset management software provides you with the answers to these questions at any time.

With Timly you get a 360° overview of your office or school assets.

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The Timly asset management software explained simply in under 2 minutes
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Whether IT equipment, tables, or blowtorches…

We have developed Timly so that you can confidently put a tick behind the topic of asset management. The solution for school assets and offices.

The software is easy to use and always informs you about the whereabouts of your assets. This way, administrative effort and equipment losses can be reduced by up to 75%.

Government funded IT devices – what does this mean for you?

At the latest since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it has become clear that the digitisation of educational institutions is more important than ever. Increasingly, teaching must take place online, but not all students have the same equipment and opportunity to participate in lessons from home.

The federal and state governments want to support schools and provide better IT equipment. What does the immediate programme for terminal equipment mean for schools?

Learn more in our Blog-Posts, how grant management can be made easier through digital asset management with Timly. Always keep an eye on your school assets.

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Software that is practical and easy to use

For on-site work: the mobile version can be used on existing devices. You need no additional hardware – the asset software can easily be used wherever your item is located. Ideal for public administration- & school assets.

Instantly ready with integrated barcode scanner
Move assets without losing the overview
Record defects directly
Document services and maintenance

When it comes to digitalisation, rely on Timly. We make it easy!

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2 - Murat Tulgar EN 1

Our IT asset management now works completely unproblematic with Timly. Previously, we had relied on the usual way, but it was easy to lose track of everything. The digitalisation of the processes with the Timly software brings real added value and minimises the administrative effort.

Murat Tulgar
IT Manager
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We are very pleased that with Timly we have finally found a simple and intuitive asset management software solution to tackle the “asset problem” at our cantonal school. And managing the IT assets is just the beginning.

Markus Walter
Head of Central Services
Realgymnasium Rämibühl
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The big difference is the customer support. So far, everything has been fixed or improved very quickly, or explained to us how to do it right when we did something wrong. I wish all companies were as professional.

Alexander Mendel
IT Administrator
Heizung Sanitärbau Leipzig

Intuitive management of your resources

With Timly you get access to efficient asset management software. A wide range of sophisticated functions makes it easy to digitise your school assets.

Manage Assets

Whether IT resources, tools, machines, fleet, furniture or contracts: Everything in Timly

Mobile Access Anywhere

Localise your assets: With integrated barcode scanner for smartphones & tablets

Clever Assignment

Easily assign assets to people, rooms, locations or external service providers.


Digital Item File

Digitally store important information, files, documents &amp contacts for your assets.

GPS Tracking

Save the exact GPS location of the assets with one scan. Also historically traceable.

Maintenance Planner

Documentation of repairs & maintenance at the property site, as well as deadline management.

Learn more about Timly: Artikel Vorschau ueber die Timly IT Inventarisierung Software

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The reliable digitisation of public offices and schools: Timly Software

What about the long-planned digitisation of our schools? Yes, it is progressing – but not at the speed originally planned by government officials. In the meantime, it has also become clear that something was not taken into account in the planning: How are teachers and administrators supposed to keep an eye on the hundreds of IT devices when they are already busy with their teaching processes?

Progressive digitisation of public administration with municipal asset management software

chools and offices need efficient tools to manage new IT resources (laptops, tablets, projectors, etc.) efficiently. This challenge is taken on by the Timly municipal asset management software for offices and schools. Created specifically for the public sector and especially school assets, Timly software reduces equipment failures and asset losses through digital management.


Simply book a no-obligation online meeting and get a test account.

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