Brief information on how a Master Production Schedule works

The MPS generates a series of outputs intended to facilitate decision-making. This is guaranteed by using many different variables as input values. These include demand (approximate), production costs, available capital, customer benefits, supply, capacities and more.

A manual input of forecast values ​​and bases for the calculation is possible.

The results of the calculation can provide useful information regarding the quantities to be produced, number of employees, costs and more. Based on the output generated by the MPS, forecasts can be made that allow companies to create more accurate material requirements planning.


➟ The advantages of the MPS for increasing efficiency at a glance:

➟ Information basis for cross-departmental planning of production components, material purchasing, production and more, ideally through information transmission systems between departments (ERP system)

➟ Optimized manufacturing processes and minimized opportunity costs when manufacturing products

➟ Simplification of capacity planning


Problems using MPS:

– Limited time resources
– Know-how binding to certain key people
– Distorted output and forecasting difficulties due to faulty data basis

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